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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

- Mini 8

The Mini 8 has been designed to meet the needs of those operating in congested areas where flight weight needs to be kept to a minimum, but without a reduction in system redundancy. In the UK the sub 7 kg limit requires a take off weight below 7 Kgs for close quarter operations, and in most cases, to allow the ability to carry a reasonable payload, this means reducing aircraft weight by sacrificing redundancy.

The Detail

Many would agree this compromise makes no sense. By reducing the weight of the aircraft the potential damage of an impact during a crash is indeed reduced, but the likelihood of a crash is increased due to the lack of drive redundancy in the aircraft configuration. 

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Normal flight in the case of motor loss can only be achieved with an 8 motor aircraft, a 6 motor aircraft should stay in the air but with compromised yaw control, and a 4 motor quad cannot fly at all in the case of any drive failure. To this end the Mini 8 was designed.

At 3.4 Kgs this leaves 3.6 Kgs of flight weight to be used for batteries and payload. The balance between the two is up to the operator and will depend on the requirements of the flight and payload. This aircraft is capable of flying more than 30 mins with no payload, and over 15 mins with a payload of 1.8 Kgs (using a 16Ah 5s lipo @ 1.75 Kgs) giving an AUW just under 7 Kgs. It can be fitted with retracts or fixed landing gear, anti vibration mounting, includes built in FPV camera if required, and can be folded quickly without tools for transportation. This aircraft is also extremely quiet!