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Editorial Feature

Connected Intelligent Drones through Precise Prediction's IoT Cloud

Published November 22nd 2017

Words By: Precise Prediction

About Precise Prediction

Our experienced team has been working with Big Data & Machine Learning before most people had ever heard of these concepts.

There is a lot of talk about leveraging Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. We will guide you through all aspects and pitfalls along the way, and help you make YOUR drone or drone-project more profitable.

We have been solving the world’s analytics challenges since big data was just a stack of floppy disks.

Introduction to Connected Intelligent Drones

Imagine if your drones were connected to a Machine Learning cloud that made them intelligent - the solution for that is the Precise Prediction IoT cloud.

With our sensors and IoT cloud, we can make your drones intelligent, by building and installing Machine Learning models on the drones.

It could be that the drone will automatically fly back for maintenance if needed. If, for example, the drone has problems with one of the rotors - the drone will alert you indicating which one.

A change in the field would trigger the IoT cloud to fly a drone out and document what is happening.

Drones are also the perfect carrier of different sensors, all connected with the Precise Prediction IoT cloud.

Use Case 1 – Predictive Maintenance of the Drone

The picture above shows the sensor data case where the drone crashed because of a rotor failure.

Available data were analysed and showed that the crash showed up several hours before the crash.            

If we add this intelligence to the drone, the drone will take a decision to fly back to base and ask for the rotor to be replaced.

Benefits of predictive maintenance

Security - more secure and reliable drones

Cost effective - avoid an expensive repair of your drone.

Optimized maintenance cycle - the drone will let you know if and when any parts need to be replaced.

Use Case 2 – Automatic Drones sent out and controlled by Machine Learning

What if your company needed to get access to an area every day repeatedly but it was a long distance away? Or worse, what if you get an alarm and are required to do an on-sight inspection?

Oil fields/platforms, mines, construction areas or factory areas are just one kind of industry that requires these types of inspections on a regular basis. Drones will be extremely helpful in these situations.

We can integrate your system (for example a Scada system) to the Precise Prediction IoT cloud. An alarm could automatically trigger the drone to fly out for inspection and document onsite. Our cloud can analyse 100,000 images in less than an hour - that's more than a human can do in a year!

Use Case 3 – Use drones as carriers of sensors

The drones can be a carrier of different sensors, all connected to the Precise Prediction IoT cloud. The sensor data can be analysed in real-time. Example of sensors can be:





Different types of gas

Different types of air quality and/or air pollution  

We can use the sensor data and build Machine Learning models, and deploy those back to the drone. That enables the drone to take real-time decisions by itself.


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