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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 207 458 4244, anytime 24/7

Editorial Feature

DJI Drones Save the Day During Texas Flood Rescue

Words By: Max Etherington

While floods endanger the lives of thousands in Northern Texas, DJI is proud to play part in the rescue and safety of these victims. This was apparent in Johnson County, Texas where local drone operator Garret Bryl turned his DJI Inspire 1 on saving others in his neighborhood.

The Kastel Family was left adrift on their house-turned-island as waters flooded the area. Bryl was able to affix a rope to his Inspire 1 and fly it across the raging waters, delivering a literal life-line to the Kastel Family. With the Kastel Family secure, the rescue team waited for a Texas National Guard helicopter to arrive and carry the couple away from danger.

In this case, attempts were made to access the family by speed boat or hovercraft, but rescuers deemed the raging river too dangerous. The Inspire 1 was able to remain incredibly safe and stable in a journey where one slip into the water could spell disaster for the Kastel Family. It is a testament to the reliability of DJI products that they can be used in these remarkable endeavors. 

DJI is happy to see an increased reliance on drones for rescue operations. It shows just how far our technology has come. Professionals  around the world are already using DJI drones to gain a more comprehensive view of emergency situations, and it is great to see responders formulate creative uses such as this case. We extend our heart out to all families endangered by natural disasters, and are proud to supply the rescue teams across the world with the tools to save lives.


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