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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 207 458 4244, anytime 24/7

Editorial Feature

Drone Major Chief Executive Robert Garbett is Featured in The Daily Telegraph Discussing New Drone Applications

Words By: Bradley Gerrard - The Daily Telegraph

As Covered in The Daily Telegraph.

"The huge rise in patents revealed by the latest data does not necessarily herald the arrival of masses of skybound packages, experts suggest.

Instead, it signifies the likely rise in the use of drones across a burgeoning number of industries. Robert Garbett, chief executive of Drone Major Group, said: “It’s more to do with the widening applications of drones. The whole thing about delivering packages is a PR campaign. It is a great concept and gets the media excited but I don’t think it is where the industry is going.”

Drones are now widely used in the film and TV industry, for surveillance purposes and for increasingly complex tasks such as performing digital scans of large vessels or oil rigs to search for any damage.

The word “drone” tends to conjure up images of a quadruple-propellered flying object but those in the industry suggest it really means any unmanned vessel.

Garbett says autonomous catamarans carrying a flying drone are sent out to the likes of offshore oil rigs. Once they arrive, the air-based drone surveys the rig, collecting the necessary data, and then lands back on the marine vessel for the return journey."

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