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Editorial Feature

Drone Major Group Featured in the Daily Express: Drones & British Business

Published March 12th 2018

Words By: David Dawkins - Daily Express

Robert Garbett, CEO and Founder of Drone Major Group told that the drone industry will revolutionise business in more ways than simply through the sale of the technology or the data that it produces.

Mr Garbett cites three examples of how drones will revolutionise British business.

Firstly, he said: “Drone technology will enable us to reclaim spaces which have fallen into disuse, such as rivers, or have previously been inaccessible such as low-level airspace.

“Use of these spaces will generate opportunities into which business will move generating wealth and employment.”

Secondly, Mr Garbett adds the use of such spaces will also dramatically change the way freight moves in and out of our cities which will have a profound effect on our city centres.

He says drones will help remove much of the “low value, high volume traffic” from UK roads which will benefit our businesses through easier access by paying clients and employees, improved movement of goods and significantly reduced losses due to the current overloading of our transport systems.

On the third issue of transporting people from A-B he Mr Garbett says drones can help move wealth away from “condensed” cities.

He said: “As transportation of people becomes simpler across and in and out of our cities with the help of drones, wealth will begin to bleed back into the outlying areas and with it will go business.

“Decentralisation of populations driven by effective autonomous transport systems will regenerate business in the principalities creating opportunities and greater employment in areas which have been declining as our cities have become more condensed.”

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