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Fostering Strategic Innovation with Lloyd’s Register

Editorial Feature

Fostering Strategic Innovation with Lloyd’s Register

Published August 6th 2019

Words By: Drone Major

Drone Major Group is delighted to welcome Lloyds Register to our supplier cluster. As a global brand, Lloyd’s Register’s engineers and technical experts work with businesses throughout the world to provide a range of inspection services to assure safety and quality for every step of the inspection cycle. At a time of such rapid technological advancement, quality and safety assurance is something to be taken seriously. 

With their inspection focused innovations, Lloyd’s Register is addressing the major gap in the market between the expansive list of emerging technologies and the challenges consumers face in understanding, risk assessing and integrating these technologies. With Lloyd’s, safety, functionality and sustainability are at the forefront. For the drone industry, Lloyd’s Register’s inspection and innovation services provide key assistance to manufacturers, operators and consumers alike – a thorough analysis of current and future challenges to integration and sustained use is the best way to ensure success. 

In addition to their inspection and innovation services, Lloyd’s Register also offers expertise in business assurance, infosecurity and cybersecurity. A portion of total profits go to benefit the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, which supports science and engineering related research, education and public engagement. Lloyd’s Register is committed to their mission statement: working together for a safer world. 

Fostering Strategic Innovation with Lloyd’s Register

To learn more about Lloyd’s Register’s offerings, visit their supplier profile here.