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Editorial Feature

Handling data from drone inspections: 5 costly mistakes you might be making

Published February 14th 2018

Words By: Scopito ©

Do you avoid these mistakes when handling your inspection data? If yes, then lucky you – because real money is on the line.

Hint: It’s no lie that time is money.

#1: No geo references

If you don’t geotag your images, you're probably missing out – and your clients and work partners probably are too. Associating an image with an exact position and notes about issues – and being able to move your focus and zoom in and out with your mouse on a map, and see exactly the annotations and images associated with the part of the map you’re looking at – that makes things both easier and faster than doing everything manually.

Here’s the way we like to do things, explained in short introduction videos:

Image Inspection Tutorial

#2: Spending too much time analyzing

Of course, if you hired someone to analyze your inspection data for you, you would have some amount of expenditure for that. But what if they could do it quicker than you because they were highly trained? And what if it gave you more time to focus on other tasks that will make your business grow more? Would you then lose or earn money on it? Give us your answer in the comments below.

At Scopito, we offer to perform in-depth analyses of your images and inspection data. Our team of analysts are trained and can reduce the amount of data you need to analyze in depth by more than 90 %, making final reports more precise and more cost-effective. And you won’t even pay up-front.

Of course, we’re interested in putting in a good word for ourselves.. so to speak. But – we actually do believe that a lot of you out there spend more time than necessary analyzing inspection data.

#3: Slow collaboration process with clients and colleagues

Now, we don’t know for sure how you do things in your company, but in Scopito (yes, talking about ourselves again now, sorry) you can use the annotation tool to mark the problem area/anomaly with a clear square around it. Then make note of what you annotated and choose a severity of the issue. This tool is designed for 2 main reasons:

it helps you to achieve the fastest workflow, not losing any vital information.

It is designed for the future. By using Scopito’s annotation tool, you are helping the whole industry to reach automation much faster. Without feeling any change, any annotation you make is ready to be used as a learning objective for AI. The more you annotate the faster the analysis process can be automated.

If you leave e.g. a POI comment, the people you collaborate with will automatically be addressed to the relevant area, just by clicking the comment.

We believe this function (and more!) gives the fastest possible workflow. If you don’t agree, let us know how we can make it quicker ;-)

#4: Not sending the right signals to clients

Now, this is a long-term advice. But we do believe that in a matter of months or a few years you will start earning more money just from delivering your images in a way that just seems very professional. After all, it is your customer you're sending them to – not your best friend. And for a lot of us, the visual design does affect the way we perceive things.

#5: Not enough incentive to try out new work methods

Admitted – on this one we’re trying to provoke you a bit, because we do believe you would like the best software that’s out there if you tried it. And that by coincidence happens to be our platform, Scopito, if your need is handling inspection data as fast and easy as possible.

But hey, we’re in a good mood today ;-) So here’s an incentive to try something new. The product is free, up until the limits found on our website. That’s not a new thing, though.

So what can we offer that’s new?. Hm, what about free advice? That’s actually not a new thing either, but we do know a lot about not only data management software but also the drone inspection business, like how to take high-quality images (send us an e-mail to get it).

A discount you say? Well, actually this is no new thing either, but if you are happy with your free trial and you want to pay a year in advance, we offer you a significant discount. We will even go as far as offering to analyze your inspections for free! Contact us if you want to know more.

Now, can you give us 5 good reasons to not try Scopito for free? Or how ‘bout just one? 

Let us know if you have comments!

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