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New solid-state LiDAR for drone collision avoidance_TerraBee

Editorial Feature

New solid-state LiDAR for drone collision avoidance

Published September 27th 2018

Words By: Terabee ©

Step up your anti-collision game with the brand new TeraRanger Tower Evo!

Meet Terabee's latest solid-state LiDAR system. Now smaller, lighter (from 92g), faster and 35% lower-cost than our previous generation Tower. Prices start from 399 Euros. 

Choose 4 detection zones or 8, 60m range or 600 readings per second. It's ROS-ready and Pixhawk compatible.


New solid-state LiDAR for drone collision avoidance_TerraBee



Outdoor demo

TeraRanger Tower Evo detects and avoids tree branches, leaves, metal structures and concrete surfaces - all in outdoor conditions with bright sunshine.



Indoor demo

Where GPS is off, TeraRanger Tower Evo is On! See how static and moving obstacles are avoided indoors. Our infrared Time-of-Flight technology also works in the dark.



About Terrabee


Since inception, we’ve achieved something remarkable, every single year!


Drone based solutions 2012

Terabee began as a drone services company. We created advanced techniques for drone-based data gathering and analysis techniques. This lead to a new challenge!

CERN collaboration 2013

Seeing our advanced capabilities, the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) asked if we could use drones to perform fully autonomous inspections within the tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider – one of the most complex and unfriendly environments imaginable for fully autonomous drone flight!


The launch of TeraRanger 2014

Rising to the challenge we soon realized there was a gap in the market for small, lightweight and high-performance distance sensors, optimized for use in fast-moving robotics applications. The first TeraRanger sensors were developed, providing the highest performance to size and weight ratio on the market!


TeraRanger multi-axis solutions 2015

TeraRanger Hub is launched and is the first ever plug and play solution for multi-sensor, multi-axis ToF sensing. It allows up to 8 TeraRanger One sensors to be connected. The Hub centralizes power management, sensor synchronization and communications, making it a snap to create custom arrays and sensor configurations.


SLAM and Control Systems 2016

2016 was a pivotal year in which large enterprises contracted us to solve complex challenges. In the process, we showed how less really can be more! We proved that SLAM can be achieved by monitoring just eight points at high speed! We proved that with just a few well-placed, single point sensors, complex things can be achieved! We mapped 3D data to create robust 2D navigation solutions. We worked on top-secret missions and continued to develop class-leading products.


Pushing the boundaries of LED Time-of-Flight 2017

Terabee sets new standards in optical ToF sensing, without using laser technology! – TeraRanger sensors provide outstanding performance in an incredibly compact, lightweight and modular form-factor, are easy to use and remain eye-safe in all conditions.