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Robert Garbett’s Take on Air Drone’s Latest Run-in: Heathrow Airport

Editorial Feature

Robert Garbett’s Take on Air Drone’s Latest Run-in: Heathrow Airport

Published January 10th 2019

Words By: Drone Major

London’s largest international airport, Heathrow, has found itself at the center of another air drone scandal. After a potential UAV sighting early Tuesday evening, all departures from Heathrow Airport were halted for the better part of an hour. While Heathrow officials state that the temporary shutdown was a part of a system of precautionary measures, Drone Major’s
Garbett expresses his worry that major organisations, like airports, are still pushing the big red “STOP” button on all operations when drone sightings are involved.

Garbett, the CEO of Drone Major Group, spoke with Jazz FM radio early Wednesday morning following the incident and discussed the importance of proper policy and procedure for dealing with events like this in the future. “Drones are set to become one of the largest industries in the world,” Garbett says, “we cannot avoid drone technology, we have to become “drone ready.’”  “Drone Ready,” to Garbett, means evaluating current measures and adapting to include appropriate drone and counter drone policies and procedures.  Airport officials are quick to say that they are investigating the implementation of new
technology to avoid further drone interference; however, we see that technology is not always the answer. Though counter drone technology is available, first and foremost organisation need to evaluate their policies and procedures to be in line with the growing drone industry.

The drone industry is ready, are you?

Robert Garbett’s Take on Air Drone’s Latest Run-in: Heathrow Airport

Listen to Robert Garbett’s entire commentary with Jazz FM here.
Learn more about Drone Major Group and Counter Drone Technology here.

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