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RUSTA revamped PfCO course for 2019_Drone Major Group

Editorial Feature

RUSTA Revamped PfCO Course for 2019

Published January 22nd 2019

Words By: RUSTA Training

RUSTA are pleased to announce the restructure of their existing RPCS classroom course for Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

The structure has changed slightly, this is to make it more practical for those wanting to complete the theory course, operations manual and flight test all at once. RUSTA understand that people lead busy working lives and the demand for a concise 3-day course is now available.

With the operations manual workshop and flight test offered on the third day, it is now possible to complete the process in 3 days, no waiting for a busy flight test slot. Day 3 is optional for candidates with the requisite number of hours and an operations manual that is close to reaching the required ratification standard. 

RUSTA revamped PfCO course for 2019_Drone Major Group

Alternatively, if candidates would prefer, they can complete just the 2-day theory course– and then go away and complete their operations manual in their own time and arrange their flight test for a later date once their operations manual is approved.

Commercially RUSTA has trained large Agronomy companies such as Agrovista, Bayer crop Science and Frontier Agriculture. RUSTA has also trained many Police Forces nationally including the Metropolitan Police Service, Surrey and Sussex Police and Lincolnshire Police.

This training service has extended globally to Hong Kong and Switzerland. In the military sphere RUSTA has already trained elements of the Royal Air Force Regiment, Military Air Accident Investigation Board (MAAIB) and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) in the sub 20Kg Type 1B UAV.

RUSTA instructors are fully trained air instructors from the Royal Air Force’s Central Flying Training School and have taught candidates all over the world. The same elite standard of training is delivered on this new course revamp, it is now just more accessible for those wishing to complete within 3 days.

RUSTA are also excited to launch two new training locations for 2019 at Caerphilly and Uxbridge where the improved RPCS course is available for bookings.


For further information on our improved RPCS course:

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