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Supplier Articles

GT20 Gyrotrak by Airial Robotics Makes Debut at New York’s FAA-Designated UAS Test Site

First official, public flight in the U.S. proves GT20 Gyrotrak ready for customer operations The Gyrotrak GT20, a hybrid helicopter and gyrocopter UAV (uncrewed aerial vehicle) by Airial Robotics, was successfully demonstrated and tested at the FAA-designated New York UAS Test Site at Griffiss International Airport managed by NUAIR in Rome, NY. This is the first flight demonstration of its kind in the United States. The GT20 Gryotrak is an impressive and serious cargo and inspection platform – with flight times of up to 2.5 hours with an 8-pound task load. It can be equipped with a variety of sensors enabling it to be used for a broad range of uses, including medical transport, high precision mapping, line inspection and more. The GT20 Gyrotrak flight test included four different missions including a manual helicopter flight; full autonomous helicopter mission, which transitioned to complete autorotation-mode, flying at about 80 mph; and a simulated delivery mission. All mi... Read More »

Improve your global profit margins with Airwallex

Streamline your finances, unlock new markets and save on FX fees with an Airwallex account Let's face it, choosing a business account is probably the least exciting part of owning a drone business. But how you manage your finances can make a big difference to the success of your enterprise, particularly if you operate across borders.  High street banks charge up to 3.5% above the interbank rate for currency exchange, meaning every time you make a transaction in another currency—whether that’s importing equipment, accepting payments from international clients, or using your card abroad—you’ll lose a chunk of money. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce and even eliminate these fees. Read on to find out more.  Spend less on fees and more on growth By switching your business account to Airwallex, you can free yourself from the burden of high FX fees and money transfer costs, and manage your finances across borders with ease.  Airw... Read More »

Purdue Athletics Collaborates with Levy’s DBK Studio, Valqari, and USOG to Pilot First F&B Drone Delivery Service in Sports & Entertainment

Test flights at recent Boilermakers baseball home series transported orders from remote kitchens to landing area just outside Alexander Field  West Lafayette, Ind., May 4, 2022 – Purdue Athletics has collaborated with hospitality partner Levy, Levy’s innovation studio, DBK Studio, Chicago-based Valqari, and USOG to pilot the first drone-delivered food and beverage service at a sports & entertainment venue. The pilot took place from Wednesday, April 27th through Saturday, April 30th at Alexander Field, home of Purdue Baseball, leading up to and during its recent home series.  The pilot involved a select fan base ordering food and beverage, with orders prepared at another on-campus athletic venue, delivered by drone, and placed in a pick-up locker for guests in an open-air space at Alexander Field. The pilot tested the user experience, food quality and delivery accuracy. Throughout the pilot, drones delivered orders of hot dogs, bottles of water, and chips... Read More »

Heven Drones and Roboteam Launch First Flying Robot

Heven Drones, a fast growing Israeli drone technology company, has unveiled a full turnkey robotic solution with land and air integration at ISDEF, Israel’s largest international defense and HLS Exhibition. This first ever flying robot was jointly developed with Roboteam, a leading global provider of tactical ground robotic systems. From complete heavy lift-drones to flight controllers and operating systems, Heven develops the hardware and software that is enabling the next generation of autonomous & actionable drone platforms. The company initially started in homeland security but is rapidly moving into other fields, including logistics, construction, and more. According to Bentzion Levinson, Heven Drone’s CEO, “At Heven Drones we set out to develop and bring to market unique drones which aren’t just flying cameras but flying robots that can complete a variety of tasks. Our collaboration with Roboteam brings our vision one step closer with land and... Read More »

Valqari Secures Position as Drone Delivery Industry Leader with New U.S. Patent

Valqari, creator of the patented Drone Delivery Station and provider of last inch mailbox solutions for drone deliveries, has been awarded its latest patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). With a priority date of January 2, 2014, the patent (patent no. 11,117,680) covers a broad range of claims in the field of drone delivery and Valqari's delivery infrastructure, from general UAV delivery to protecting users' packages from theft, weather, and other nuisances. Valqari has created the market-leading drone delivery solution that has solved the last inch logistic problems with its patented Drone Delivery Station that provides a secure and convenient delivery receptacle for both drone and traditional package delivery and pick-up. Equipped with best-in-class hardware and software, the Drone Delivery Station is completely platform-agnostic, operating seamlessly with any drone manufacturer and further solidifying Valqari as the ideal solution for... Read More »

The role of drones and traffic management beyond airports

With the advent of specific regulations, better technologies and greater public awareness, more drones are entering airspaces beyond those of airports, and into areas bustling with businesses and communities.  Currently, drones are being used for monitoring, inspection and emergency response, as well as tasks that involve a high level of risk or danger to personnel like visual surveys and maintenance in bad weather or hard-to-reach places. Drones are also cost-efficient to employ in activities such as round-the-clock surveillance. And their capability is yet to be fully harnassed.  In the recently published white paper on Unmanned Traffic Management: Enabling Drones in Ports, Unifly looks into a newly identified industry which is slated to benefit from the use of drones within its airspace – ports.  In 2019, Unifly collaborated with Port of Antwerp in SAFIR, a European research initiative, to investigate how drones can benefit the port and its wider networ... Read More »


Lausanne, Switzerland: In its vision to enable a sky where drones fly safely alongside manned aviation, INVOLI launches a new generation air traffic signal receiver: the G-1090, specifically created to resist to harshest weather and electronically noisy environments and to bear the CE/FCC label. The G-1090 detects aviation transponder signals ADS-B, Mode S, Mode A/C and FLARM and it natively supports INVOLI Multilateration, enabling a comprehensive view of the air traffic. The receiver is designed to be installed over telecommunication and aviation infrastructure, but not only. It can be installed in a matter of minutes by simply mounting it on a pole and connecting it to an Ethernet cable with internet connectivity and Power over Ethernet and, it can optionally communicate data via 4G. Raphael Zaugg, CTO of INVOLI says “We wanted to provide a receiver that allows our clients to increase their air traffic awareness in the simplest way, with a quality / cost ratio that has not bee... Read More »

A case study to demonstrate the value of a single source of the truth

Working closely with DE&S and the UAS Delivery Team to identify, report and manage airworthiness issues in unmanned aircraft The implementation of tlmNexus’ tool Resolve was deemed essential to ensure that the airworthiness issues were correctly identified, reported and managed, in order to meet the UK Military Aviation Authority’s (MAA) Regulatory requirements.  From the outset we engaged and built strong relationships with key players in the customer’s organisation including the Type Airworthiness Authorities (TAAs) Engineering Authorities (EAs), Desk Officers, Safety Managers, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) staff and Industry Technical Managers. We co-ordinated all our efforts through a single implementation manager who was nominated by the DT to establish close collaboration and communications with us from the start.  We launched the tool for DE&S in stages. Starting with the most complex, we were able to establish u... Read More »

Can drones help your business meet its environmental commitments?

By Tony Roberts, iLaw Solicitors Ltd Freddie Mercury once sang: “I want it all - and I want it now”. Green activists may not be singing from the exact same songsheet, but they are not far off. Under constant pressure from campaigners, governments are ratcheting up the pressure on the business world. Commitments become more onerous; deadlines shorten. Many businesses will need to adapt radically to avoid the thumbscrews and drones will often be a crucial part of their response.   The International Energy Agency predicts that global energy usage will surge as the world bounces back from the covid pandemic.  In the immediate term, governments will need to prioritise the generation of tax receipts to fill depleted coffers, but at the same time the UK government is planning to host the COP26 summit in November 2021 and the Biden administration is rejoining the Paris Climate Change Accord. The upshot is that international pressure will cascade down to individual c... Read More »

New patented autonomous drone for pressure-regulating water tank inspection

New patented autonomous drone for pressure-regulating water tank inspection   Hokkaido Electric Power and ACSL have developed a drone capable of autonomous flight in a pressure-regulating water tank of a hydroelectric power plant, which is a non-GPS environment*   *Equipment for mitigating water hammer caused by sudden output changes such as power shutoff of a generator. It is a cylindrical structure with an inner diameter of several tens of meters and a depth of several tens of meters. Water hammer is a phenomenon in which a strong impact and high-water pressure are generated in the water pressure pipe when the water flow is suddenly shut off due to a sudden stop of the water turbine.   In order to fly stably, the drone uses the structure such as the riser pipe in the pressure-regulating water tank as a mark to determine the positional relationship with itself (patent pending: Japanese Patent Application No. 2021-000814). The idea is to improve the utilization ra... Read More »

Successful hybrid power unit operation test for heavy drones by ADJ

Aero Development Japan Co., Ltd. succeeded in operating tests of a hybrid power unit that combines Halbach generator and gas turbine power, which is being developed for heavy-duty and long-distance drones. A hybrid power system that combines the unit with a propeller motor and ESC (a motor for high voltage propellers of DC300V (AC200V) class for drones) is being developed with the goal of flying a large drone with a total weight of over 150 kg carrying 50 kg of payload for 60 minutes. According to ADJ, the development of power sources for drones using gas turbine engines and Halbach generators will be an advanced initiative not only in Japan but also in the world. This technology is a patented invention of Professor Morishita of Kogakuin University, and the ADJ development partner holds a license for the Halbach generator. For more info or to get in touch with ADJ, contact us directly at JUIDA (Japan UAS Industrial Development Association) official partner of Drone Major Grou... Read More »

VIZGARD: Practical AI Solutions for Defence and Security

Drone Major welcomes London-based SME VIZGARD to our roster of world-class suppliers. Their FortifAI computer vision software provides real-time intelligent tasking and alerts for drones and PTZ camera platforms. FortifAI's server runs in the background on PC, edge, and cloud platforms to offer C2 and GCS software an ever-growing list of AI-powered enhanced capabilities such as: Market-leading counter-UAS detect/track/classify capability.   Detection of people, cars, boats, drones, birds, planes and helicopters. Cutting-edge single object tracking of any agile target with no model training required. Real-time face redaction. Electronic image stabilisation. Precision drone landing on moving vehicles in GPS-denied environments. Horizon tracking VIZGARD's solution aims to significantly reduce time-to-market by streamlining the integration process with a browser-based test application, well-documented API and prompt technical support. Once deployed, they... Read More »

Japan: The Land of the rising business opportunities for foreigners

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), long-time partner of Drone Major Group, is pleased to announce its new services dedicated to foreign companies interested in breaking into the Japanese market. Since its establishment in 2014, JUIDA has been facilitating the healthy growth of the UAS commercial use in terms of regulations, education, research and business/international cooperation. Established to meet the needs of both the public sector (Japanese government) and the private sector (industries), reaching more than 12,000 members and more than 200 accredited drone pilot schools, and now involved in the UAM research field as well, time has come to open our network and our expertise to overseas companies. 1/ Business Matching Services Finding and/or accessing valuable business information about Japan and about Japanese companies in particular has remained an issue for most foreign companies over the years, mainly due to the language barrier.  Moreove... Read More »

Let’s talk about Grant Funding

Following the economic impact of the pandemic, at Swoop we have continued to see an increase in demand for grant funding - particularly innovation funding. The most appealing thing with business grants is that the money doesn’t have to be paid back. However, they often come with a match funding requirement (typically 25% - 50%) in place. Another consideration is that during the application process your business may have to set and agree the expected outputs to be achieved from the activity that is to be funded by the monies provided. The good news is there are thousands of grants available in the UK, both at a national and regional level. Many grants are also sector-specific. In the Spring Budget March 2021, a number of grants were discussed like the: Looking beyond these schemes, below are some other key areas of opportunity to bear in mind.  Innovation funding  With many of us trying new ways of doing business over the last year, innovation funding has... Read More »

Hydrogen, Drones, Sustainable Aviation and Green Airports

The European goals are clear, carbon neutrality must be achieved by 2050, essentially with any means necessary. Transportation is responsible for about 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions and aviation is 12% of that. While no silver bullet exists for everything then one of those technologies, which can make a dramatic impact has been hydrogen. Instead of theoretically carbon-neutral fuels such as biofuels, hydrogen vehicles produce no emissions and Europe has recognised its potential with clear and ambitious production targets of 1M tonnes by 2024 and 10M tonnes by 2030. The use in transportation being one of the key priority areas.   These targets mean that the use of renewable energy must also start increasing at a rapid place, new solar and wind installations, procurement for zero emission vehicles, energy efficiency in buildings and operations, grid balancing and off-grid/back-up applications not relying on diesel generators anymore. This is a massive challenge for... Read More »

Drone Cage is flying high

It was while working as a drone pilot for a company providing inspections in difficult to reach places that James Dyke realised there was a massive gap in the market. And that with the critical knowledge and experience he possessed as a pilot, an engineer and using the latest 3D printing technology, he could create a business that would potentially save huge amounts of money for companies around the world. Just a few years on he is supplying Drone Cages to the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, search and rescue, as well as the professional UAV community, globally. The drone James piloted for the survey company had a protective barrier, so should the drone have a bump, the barrier should protect it – potentially saving the owner the cost of a new UAV. “It was clear almost immediately the expensive crash barrier was not up to the job, so I spent my evenings and weekends at home designing a cage that would protect drones effectively, at an economical and afforda... Read More »

New Solution For Coastal And Maritime Surveillance A Technology Breakthrough

A proud new supplier to Drone Major, FLY-R develops a unique range of rhomboid wing UAVs that has many technical, operational and financial advantages over traditional aircraft.  This aerodynamic configuration take the benefits of the fixed wing aircraft, while significantly improving the speed range, endurance and radius compared to aircraft of comparable size.  Compared to these conventional aircraft, the Rhomboid formula offers: Reduced wingspan by about half Drag Reduction Reduced structural mass Large speed range  High Maneuverability in turbulent atmosphere The rhomboid wing is considered the solution for the aircraft of the future, which must be environmentally friendly and cost effective. Their characteristics make the FLY-R systems particularly well suited to fix and mobile deployments related to coastal and maritime surveillance. Today, solutions using piloted aircraft (with crew) are mostly deployed, in a non-continuous way.... Read More »


SKYCORP OÜ, specialist hydrogen drone manufacturer, technology integrator and autonomous aerial ecosystem builder, is pleased to announce it has filed a patent submission with the European Patent Office for its Internet of Drones enabling Drone Controlling Device This new patent-pending module provides enhanced communications, locational intelligence, command and control and means that drones can now be traced also when not operational, introducing additional redundancy, increasing safety, and enabling new applications. These features are particularly necessary when looking to integrate with Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) while looking to enable autonomous operations during remote beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations. “This idea started from tying our own holistic hydrogen drone ecosystem together while adding redundancy to communications and control channels for increased safety and autonomy. However, seeing as how not only off-the-shel... Read More »

AgEagle Aerial Systems and Valqari Piloting On-Demand Drone Delivery of Food and Beverages to Golfers

WICHITA, Kan. & Chicago – February 16, 2021 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (“AgEagle” or the “Company”), an industry leading drone systems and solutions provider, and Valqari, LLC, creator of the patented Smart Drone Delivery Station, today jointly announced that the companies have teamed to produce a turnkey, fully automated, on-demand drone delivery system for order and delivery of food and beverages to golfers while they are in active play on a golf course.   Earlier this week, AgEagle and Valqari demonstrated its innovative new drone delivery system to officials at the Sun City Country Club, the proud home of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Arizona Women’s Open and the 2015, 2017 and 2019 Arizona Special Olympics State Golf Championship. The primary objective of the demo was to test and affirm the functionality of the system hardware and mechanical components of the drone delivery syste... Read More »

Looking ahead to the full-scale operation of regular logistics drone flights in 2021

ALI Technologies and SBS Holdings (provider of integrated logistics services) released a public demonstration experiment of logistic drones at SBS Logicom in Yokohama city. In a complex radio wave environment and strong sea breeze, 5 round trip experiments of 100m were completed. Before then, tests were done in mountains & forests, but now they proved that autonomous flights can be performed safely in complex radio wave environments. Aiming at social implementation including commercial use, they focus at providing the last mile service to the logistics industry at a low price. Details: Automatic delivery flight using ALI Number One UAV equipped with a 2kg dummy baggage. Cosmos: ALI's UAV control system (traffic management platform that enables UAV group control & air traffic control).  iGOQ: platform operated by SBS Logicom that matches spot cargo with vacant vehicles. ALI is the world's first drone/AI business that develops various solution businesses... Read More »