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The Consumer Market’s First Submarine Drone

The underwater world is spectacular, but trying to capture its beauty on film can detract from the enjoyment of diving. This was the motivation behind the iBubble, the world’s first underwater drone for the consumer market. Notilo+  asked French based agency Think Think Design for drawing support and together, they’ve been awarded the design trophy at the ‘Victoires de L'innovation’ in Lyon. In addition, the ‘iBubble’ has been exhibited at this year’s ‘dema show’ in Florida. ‘iBubble’ is a submarine drone equipped with a camera which follows divers thanks to a connected wristwatch. Nowadays, many drones exist but none intended for underwater use.  Furthermore, iBubble allows travelling and underwater shootings like never before. it can descend to 60 meters of depth with an autonomy of one hour. Notilo+ company drone can descend to 60m with an auton... Read More »

How drones are making surfing safer

Since the year 2000, 15 people have been killed by sharks off the West Coast of Australia, and many more surfers and swimmers have been injured. However, it’s possible that drone technology means that’s about to change. This autumn has seen the rollout of Shark Spotter ©. Shark Spotter © uses battery-powered drones to identify sharks up to a depth of 30 feet below water. Live video feed is sent back to the drone operator who, using identification software, is able to identify the sharks in real time. The software uses a sophisticated Deep Learning Framework (artificial intelligence) for shark detection and recognition. The system’s algorithm is dependent on information collated from videos of sharks available publicly to help it ‘learn’ to differentiate sharks from other marine animals, surfers and swimmers. The use of identification software increases the accuracy of shark identification in real time, enabling operators to identif... Read More »

Is it a drone or is it an RPA? What’s really in a name?

The benefits of using drones are being recognised universally. The White House’s recent announcement of the UAS Integration Pilot Programme is just one example. They can improve safety in dangerous jobs, save lives in rescue missions, improve marketing, and provide a source of entertainment and challenge for hobbyists. But with such a diverse range of uses, can we justify using a broad-brush, catch-all name for this technology? The main problem many drone users appear to have with the term “drone” is that it is often associated with the early militaristic use of drones. This aversion seems to be inspiring references to UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircrafts), to name a few. Why are we trying so hard to avoid the D word? But, as it seems that all of these terms are interchangeable, why are we trying so hard to avoid the D word? Drones used to be equated with military technology but times have chan... Read More »

Is DJI’s drone ‘license plate’ reader bringing new levels of control to the industry?

Striking a balance between controlling and monitoring drone usage and not stifling an industry that has so much potential is a tricky one. Airspace in and around airports and cities needs to be monitored. But monitoring the movement of all drones isn’t a practical consideration. DJI believe they may have found a solution. AeroScope, unveiled by the leading drone manufacturer last week, makes critical information on a drone and its operator accessible to authorities, as and when a drone moves into the region of a prison, airport or other restricted airspace. AeroScope will be usable with DJI’s existing drones, extracting information from the radio transmissions between the drone and its remote controller. It then reveals key information such as the location of the person operating the drone, where the drone took off from, its speed, direction and altitude, to law enforcement authorities. In relation to the demo of this ground-breaking new technology, the company&... Read More »

DJI Phantom responsible for revolutionary Blue Planet II footage

If you’re one of the 10.3 million people watching Blue Planet II, you’ll have seen the drone footage everyone is talking about. Captivating aerial footage of sea lions hunting yellowfin tuna in the Galapagos, by forcing them into coves, has uncovered previously undocumented sea lion hunting behaviours. Just two weeks into the airing of the long-awaited Blue Planet II, the series has already earned itself a reputation for challenging the traditional concept of video footage. The series uses the latest technology to uncover what is really happening in our underwater world. Using DJI Inspire and Phantom drones, Dan Beecham and the team of cameramen for Blue Planet II were able to capture footage of this highly evolved hunting technique – a feat that previously would only have been possible using a helicopter and Cineflex. In his blog, Cameraman Dan Beecham says that “Drones have revolutionised aerial filming in natural history documentaries (as well as in... Read More »

The UAS Integration Pilot Programme: What is it and what does it mean for the drone industry?

The drone industry is brimming with opportunity. But whilst we wait for regulations to reflect the technological progress being made in the UAS industry, how do we make the most of these opportunities? Whilst governments around the world are wrangling this very problem, the USA has taken its first step on the road to understanding the potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems by launching the UAS Integration Pilot Programme. What is the UAS Integration Pilot Programme? The programme is designed to support business initiatives that push the boundaries of existing recognised practices around the safe flight of unmanned aircraft systems. The programme enables state, local, and tribal governments to partner with private sector organisations, such as UAS operators and manufacturers, to apply to trial a product or service initiative that uses unmanned aircraft systems safely. Entities wishing to take part in advanced operations - such as drone flying out of the line of sight, and... Read More »

1.5 Million Reasons to Look at Drone Major

We are delighted to announce that, since our launch on 27th Sept 2017, Drone Major has offered over £1.5 million of business to our members and we are receiving requests now which will push this figure into the 10's of millions by year-end. Drone Major was created specifically to connect all stakeholders in in all environments of the global drone industry (Surface, Underwater, Air & Space) together in order to support the growth of the most exciting emerging market mankind has ever witnessed. We do this by facilitating collaboration, assisting our members to place their products and services with each other and by generating business through our drone technology advisory service. Well, I am very pleased to announce that it is working even better than we dreamed it would! If you are a manufacturer, producer, distributor, inventor, service provider, financier or other business operating in any area of the drone industry (Surface, Underwater, Air or Space), there ar... Read More »

DJI and SkyPixel launch 2017 drone photography competition

Drones are opening up a whole new type of photography, and DJI is celebrating this by launching their 2017 photo competition in collaboration with SkyPixel, giving you the chance to win prize packages worth up to $90,000! To be in with a chance of winning, you have to submit your best drone images in one of the three classifications; Landscape, Portrait and Story. Submissions in each of these categories must have been taken in 2017. Entry submission will close on the 29th December at 1.59pm CST (China Standard Time), which is 5.59am GMT. So if you haven’t yet snapped that perfect shot, there’s still time. If you’re after an upgrade, check out our aerial imaging platforms, and if you need some help finding the right one for you, why don’t you give us a call or chat with us online and our team of drone experts will point you in the right direction. Landscape and portrait submissions must be single image submissions, captured on an aerial platform, of... Read More »

Drone Volt is enhancing its expertise by buying up the assets of Aerialtronics

Drone Volt, a major French manufacturer of professional drones, has announced that it will take the majority control of the main assets of the Dutch company, Aerial Group B.V. (“Aerialtronics”)1. This strategic operation is the perfect complement to Drone Volt’s technological expertise and production capacity in order to strengthen its position in Europe. Olivier Gualdoni, the CEO of Drone Volt, stated that: “We continue to be faithful to our business plans focused on organic growth and a very careful analysis of external growth opportunities. Our acquisition of the knowledge base of Aerialtronics will enable us to enhance our product offerings, specifically in the field of security. We are also taking on a second production site that puts us in a prime position to foresee and cover the demand in Europe for professional drones. This transaction is being conducted under highly favourable financial terms for our shareholders and will allow us to create value. &... Read More »

Drone Major's Chief Executive featured on the Mail Online

A drone expert has revealed a future world with flying cars, robot medics that rush to the scene of car crashes and spaceships which can mine supplies from faraway planets. Army veteran Robert Garbett predicts that within decades the skies above Britain will be buzzing with the gentle sound of propellers as drivers are whisked from A to B by sets of self-piloting helicopter blades. The devices - little larger than a Smart car - would be summoned with the press of a button before attaching themselves on to the roof of motorists and flying away. Speaking at today's launch of his new consultancy firm Drone Major Group, Mr Garbett tells MailOnline: 'There are projects developing ground-air synergies for future smart cities. Read More Read More »

Underwater Drones used for Search & Rescue and Surveillance in India

Kumbh Mela is one of the largest religious gatherings on earth. It is a mass Hindu pilgrimage on the banks of Ganga of faith where Hindus gather to bathe in a sacred river. In preparation for the event,  local police are planning on using underwater drones at the fair in 2019 for the first time for surveillance and rescue operations. Hundreds of thousands of people will be bathing daily in the river so Visual and SONAR (Sound Navigation & Ranging) sensors would be utilised by the police to ensure visibility up to 300 meters underwater, maintaining a close watch on river banks and deep water, and ensuring safety and security of pilgrims and preventing them from drowning. It also helps with inspection of any underwater structures. Furthermore, the drone will help the police with underwater inspections and maintenance & repair operations, exploring areas which are not accessible by divers, for example, areas with low visibility. The pilgrimage will be held on the... Read More »