Prime Consulting & Technologies

Prime Consulting & Technologies works in the sphere of defence and protection and is engaged in supply, integration and installation of security systems in private, civil and military sectors.

Growing use of consumer drones for unethical purposes, increased number of accidents caused by UAVs and high demand for efficient and reliable counter drone solutions gave rise to the creation of complex integrated Anti-Drone systems that protect people, organisations and critical installations from drone intrusions.

Our Anti-Drone systems include a wide portfolio of proven solutions and technologies, including drone detection radars, acoustic sensors, RF detectors, video surveillance systems, jamming and interception systems, anti-drone lasers and drone capture nets. The systems can be enhanced by additional security solutions including long-range acoustic devices, fully-equipped mobile security vans, concealed threat detection systems, video acquisition and distribution systems, security-related software and IT infrastructure.

The main challenges solved by our equipment include early detection, identification and tracking of UAVs, assessment of the level of threat and adequate response actions in reaction to detected intrusions. Currently, if existing anti-drone products are used alone, they do not allow to completely solve these problems. Nevertheless, the integration of various detection and counteraction solutions and techniques ensures guaranteed result and eliminates the drawbacks inherent in standalone products and technologies.

Our company is ready to provide proven robust solutions, audit and analyze sites that have to be protected and offer the most appropriate integrated systems that include both specialized equipment and related solutions for the provision of relevant infrastructure, communications and supply systems.

We constantly carry out market analysis of existing cutting-edge solutions and technologies for detection and neutralization of UAVs. We cooperate only with the market leaders in the sphere of drone detection and neutralization and equip our systems only with the most advanced and reliable equipment on the market.

Our core values include continuous improvement, innovative approach and focus on quality and customer satisfaction.