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Drone Major advise on the design, development, delivery and operation of drone technology and the systems of systems required to suppport their operation across all domains (land, sea, air and space) and a wide range of industries including but not limited to...

Explore Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & Farming

Revolutionising agriculture and farming

An industry with huge opportunities for drone technology across all environments

Explore Construction


From surveys to inspections and more, it's all here

Drone technology is well established in the construction industry but limited BVLOS operations

Explore Defence


In all domains (land, maritime, air & space)

By far the most advance industry in the use of drone technology across all domains

Explore Energy


Oil, gas, electricity and nuclear sectors

The use of drone technology in the energy industry is well established in all sectors and across all domains

Explore Logistics


Large scale maritime freight to last mile air logistics

Primed and perfect for the adoption of drone technologies but not in the way you might think...

Explore Manufacturing


Manufacturing, assembly, monitoring and safety

The use of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) in the manufacturing industry is well established

Explore Mining


Underground, open surface or maritime drones are here

The use of drone technology in mining is well established and is set to continue to expand

Explore Civil Safety & Security

Civil Safety & Security

Safety and Security applications spanning all areas of society

From local authority to first responder use, drone have massive applications in society.

Explore Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructure

Where applications cross key sector boundaries

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) covers a multitude of sectors from Energy Infrastructure and installations.

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