What could small robots on earth have to do with exploration on the moon?Quite a lot, as it turns out. Professors and engineering students at Polytechnique Montréal have been busy writing algorithms and running experiments with robots and drones with one goal in mind: To enable them to explore unfamiliar and even hostile surroundings far beyond the reach of GPS or other forms of precision location technology.“What we want to do is to explore environments including caves and surfaces on other planets or satellites using robotics,” Read More »

Eyeson for Public Safety

IntroductionIn an era where public safety is paramount, Eyeson is introducing the innovative OneView solution, designed to enhance situational awareness and responsiveness through advanced and patented video technology. Eyeson collaborates with state and local law enforcement, emergency services, security companies, utility operators, and their partners, augmenting and strengthening their existing infrastructures with new, groundbreaking capabilities.The One View Solution leverages a new generation of real-time video software infrastructure, enabling the mixing, synchronising, and distributing of multiple information sources – such as video feeds, video analytics, screens, and dashboards – to all stakeholders involved in managing crisis scenarios. This ensures they remain fully informed, focused, and in sync to make the right decisions.  Read More »

From Legislation to Implementation: How Martyn's Law Can Help In Reshaping Drone Security

IntroductionIn an era where security challenges are constantly evolving, understanding the nuances of pivotal legislation becomes paramount. This article delves into Martyn's Law, groundbreaking legislation with profound implications for the broader security landscape, including the world of drones. At Sentrycs, we've chosen to explore this topic because of its far-reaching impact on how public venues, security providers, and even private enterprises approach safety and security in the face of modern threats. For our readers, especially those responsible for safeguarding spaces against a myriad of threats, including drones, grasping the essence of this law is crucial. It offers a comprehensive perspective on the shifting paradigms of security responsibilities, the challenges faced by the security industry, and the collaborative efforts required to ensure public safety. As we navigate this complex landscape, this article aims to equip you with the insights and knowledge to effectively a Read More »

Partnership between Sky Power and Cavok UAS for European long endurance UAV

Sky Power GmbH is the leading manufacturer of 2-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with an MTOW between 25 and 120kg. The propulsion portfolio consists of TRL9 fuel injection, carburetor, hybrid and heavy fuel engine systems. In addition to its own development and manufacturing, Sky Power manufactures all engines in Germany using the latest technology. Cavok UAS is a premier professional drone manufacturer, located in France, with a wide range of electrical and internal combustion drones for security, logistics, and industrial applications between 2 and 1360kg MTOW. With the objective of producing European-made drones, Cavok UAS has selected Sky Power’s SP-110 FI TS propulsion system to equip the CK50 VTOL convertible UAV. Thanks to the SP-110 FI TS performance, the CK50 can fly over 10,5 hours, allowing full capacity of CK50 high-efficiency design.  Read More »

DeltaQuad and YellowScan Join Forces Again!

Amsterdam – October 10th: LiDAR developer and manufacturer YellowScan and drone manufacturer DeltaQuad are joining forces once again. The outcome – more quality 3D mapping data than ever. The YellowScan Surveyor Ultra LiDAR system with an embedded camera is now integrated into DeltaQuad Evo, bringing 1200 ha of dense point clouds for professionals worldwide.Longer quality flight timesThe YellowScan Surveyor Ultra OEM is a new lightweight 360° LiDAR system with a 120° field of view for quality mapping and surveying. Standing out with high point density and light weight, it can now be used to its fullest extent with DeltaQuad Evo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Evo is a new-age fixed-wing Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAV for multipurpose long-range missions. Due to its modularity, Evo can carry multiple payloads simultaneously, like the newest YellowScan Surveyor Ultra OEM with an auxiliary battery. This lets the Evo fly for up to 225 min, capturing Read More »

Suppliers Join Forces to Assist With Kelowna Wildfires

Two leading Canadian drone/data acquisition companies joined forces to provide decision-makers in Kelowna with critical data surrounding the wildfires that have threatened the city. InDro Robotics and drone imagery platform Spexigon have been carrying out precision flights of impacted areas to assist those involved with emergency response.  When the threat of wildfires to Kelowna reached its peak, the City contacted InDro Robotics for assistance. The City was interested in rapid damage assessment, in addition to identifying potential trouble spots using thermal imagery. Read More »

Drone Major introduces significant client to Drone Evolution

By assisting our clients to find the drone suppliers that they need from our global network, Drone Major has generated significant revenue for its suppliers like Drone Evolution who recently secured a significant new client from one of our introductions.Toby Townrow, a director at Drone Evolution was naturally delighted stating: "It's been great working with Drone Major and the team. We have been introduced to business opportunities that we may not have acquired through traditional methods. Becoming a Drone Major supplier has proven to be an excellent decision and, now having closed our first deal, we are excited to see what the future holds"Our Supplier Intelligence service has become a popular service amongst Government departments, OEMs, defence contractors and large service companies who wish to take advantage of our unparalleled reach and knowledge of our supplier network. Read More »

Mvine partners with TrustID to deliver inclusive digital identity document validation

London, UK and Reading, UK – 07 June 2023 Leading orchestration service provider Mvine Limited has partnered with TrustID Limited, experts in digital identity validation technology (IDVT), to deliver a new range of digital identity services suitable for everyone, no matter their documentation. The move supports the commercial strategy of both Mvine and TrustID to scale up their respective go-to-market activities, starting with the UK business-to-business (B2B) sector.Through this new partnership, Mvine will integrate its digital identity hub to TrustID’s identity validation technology. TrustID is a UK government certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP). The result will be a solution designed to deliver a range of inclusive digital identity validation (IDV) services for people with all types of documentation. The partnership coincides with the launch to the UK B2B market of ‘MvineID’, a new service delivering fast and affordable identity verification checks to UK businesses ac Read More »

SME guide to Developing an innovative culture

Developing and maintaining an innovative culture within a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) can be challenging, but it is crucial for staying competitive and driving growth. Here are some key strategies for fostering an environment that encourages innovation within an SME:Encourage a growth mindset: Encourage employees to embrace challenges and take risks, rather than fearing failure. This can be done through training and coaching programs, as well as by setting an example through leadership behaviour.Provide resources and support: Make sure employees have the resources and support they need to pursue new ideas and projects. This can include funding for research and development, access to training and education, and dedicated time for experimentation and exploration.Promote collaboration: Encourage employees to work together and share ideas. This can be done through cross-functional teams, regular brainstorming sessions, and other collaborative initiatives.Reward innovation: Recog Read More »

Mvine partners with Seamfix to deliver Digital Enrolment and Identity Verification interoperability across international borders

London, UK and Reading, UK – 16 May 2023 Enrolment and identity verification specialist Seamfix Ltd has partnered with leading orchestration service provider Mvine Ltd to deliver a new range of digital identity services interoperable across international borders. The move reinforces the go-to-market strategy of both Seamfix and Mvine to scale up their respective commercial activities, starting with the UK B2B market.Through this partnership, Mvine will integrate its digital identity hub to Seamfix’s Credential Suite, Enrolment Suite and Verification Suite. The result will be solution interoperability across international borders, engineered to deliver fast enrolment of new customers and identity verification (IDV) checks of Africans in the UK. Seamfix’s artificial intelligence (AI) service and quality checks, including image capture and liveness tests, perform a vital role in identity verification processes. The partnership coincides with the launch to the UK B2B market of ‘Mvi Read More »


London, England, 17 March 2023 – RanMarine Technology teamed up with the Canary Wharf Group (CWG), Britvic, and Aqua Libra; the company best known for its infused sparkling waters, to launch the first WasteShark in London. The plastic-gobbling robot was launched into the Middle Dock at Canary Wharf just ahead of Global Recycling Day, 18 March 2023. The WasteShark is the world’s leading aquatic robot designed to remove floating waste and collect water quality data from waterways. The WasteShark is battery powered and can navigate up to 5km of water and collects up to 500 kg of plastic and pollutants per day, emits zero emissions without producing any noise or light pollution as it roams the canals. Once waste is collected, it is then recycled to live on again where possible.RanMarine is excited to partner with business and smart property holdings to help remove pollution from urban waters. The launch of the WasteShark into Canary Wharf is a first for RanMarine in many ways Read More »

Why are so many R&D claims inaccurate?

This is currently a very pertinent question as evidence received at the end of 2022 by the Chair of the Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Committee stated: “So far in 2022-23 claims are determined to be inaccurate in 84% of closed 1-2-1 enquiry cases in the SME R&D scheme.”This is a worryingly high figure but not one that we find surprising.It’s no secret that there are hundreds of R&D tax relief advisors who are currently offering a poor service due to their own lack of knowledge on the subject and/or a willingness to ‘work the system’ rather than make the effort (and likely lower their profit) by compiling robust and defendable R&D claims. Read More »

Data protection breaches – warning for solicitors bringing low-value claims

A High Court judge has cautioned solicitors to avoid over-pleading and subsequently incurring unnecessarily large costs for uncomplicated data protection litigation in the High Court.In Cleary v Marston (Holdings) Ltd , a claimant brought proceedings for (1) breach of data protection legislation; (2) misuse of private information; and (3) breach of confidence, after his colleague was wrongly emailed by a debt recovery company. The claimant was looking to obtain £3,000 in damages for the breaches.Remarkably, the solicitors acting for the claimant took the decision to bring proceedings in the High Court. They reasoned that a low-value claim, such as this one, could be brought in the High Court (rather than in the County Court) as their estimated costs in bringing the claim were £46,908. Read More »

The Challenges and Benefits of a Smart Warehouse

For most people the term Smart Warehouse would conjure up a system of robot arms, robot pickers, automated pickers and routing systems. As a Northamptonian, I remember well over 20 years ago talk of Howard Smith Paper’s state of the art facility on the Brackmills estate, The warehouse that needed no lighting!Warehouses for many years have been using automated systems and processes like this. So, what turns a warehouse using automated systems into a Smart Warehouse?Like many terms in the ‘smart’ / ‘Industry 4.0’ area, there is no single answer to this issue. Smart Warehouse technology can be seen as part of the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory ‘movement, but the successful implementation of Smart Factory systems can often be incremental and sporadic in pace. Perhaps the tipping point to the Smart Warehouse is a system that deploys several or many automated technologies that are crucially interconnected. Read More »

DRONE LIGHT SHOWS: The new frontier of fireworks display

Over the past decade, traditional fireworks displays have been overcome by the arrival of drones. This innovation is known as “drone light show” and it is possible thanks to a swarm of drones equipped with multi-coloured lights capable to fly together and reproduce spectacular images and text messages. The purpose is to entertain and surprise by producing dazzling moving effects in the sky.The idea of flying coordinated drones was conceived by Vijay Kumar, from the University of Pennsylvania, and was presented in a TED Talk in 2012, while the first application in a light show was carried out in Austria in 2013. From that moment on shows have emerged all over the world and have become more and more suggestive. For example, the opening ceremony of the  Olympics 2020 saw a fleet of 1824 drones flying in the skies above the city of Tokyo and reproducing a floating sphere in the sky that ultimately morphed into the moon and planet earth (see the video  Read More »

FLY-R wins the First Prize for SOFLAB Innovation during SOFINS 2023

The exclusive Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar SOFINS 2023 was held in Bordeaux, France, from 28 to 30 March 2023.FLY-R SAS was invited to participate and exhibit its latest products and innovations.FLY-R boot displayed its products such as the R2-150 and other rhomboid wing aircraft developments. A special emphasize was put on the R2-120 “RAIJIN” that was made public shortly before the show. Read More »


A drone detection system described as “probably the best at any airport in the country” played a role in ensuring the safety of Air Force One during Joe Biden’s first visit as US President to Canada.InDro Robotics is one of the key technology partners, supplying drone detection hardware and software for the Ottawa International Airport (YOW) Drone Detection Pilot Project. It detects drone flights both near YOW and much further afield.In advance of President Biden’s visit, The US Secret Service, as well as an advance team from Air Force One, visited YOW as part of advance preparations. Read More »

Pricing your drone jobs

One of the most common questions we get from new commercial drone operators is "How much should I charge my client for this [inspection/wedding/survey] job?". This post attempts to provide some guidance as to what you should be thinking about when answering that question for your own business.As of March 2023, the number of commercial drone operators in the UK is just under 6,000. And it's growing steadily every month. Not all of them are active drone businesses; some are research institutions or police forces for example. Nonetheless, relative to the amount of work available, that's a large number of people and businesses that you'll be competing with as a commercial drone operator.When you're starting out, it's really difficult to work out how much to charge and that's precisely because you're new and probably inexperienced in the field. It might be all too tempting to simply price low in order to win business and get your new drone business off the ground (see what I did there!). Bu Read More »

FLY-R SAS is pleased to announce the launch of its new project: the R2-120 "RAIJIN".

FLY-R SAS is pleased to announce the launch of its new project: the R2-120 "RAIJIN". The RAIJIN is a drone designed for the role of loitering munition. The efficiency of the rhomboid wing combined with its automatic deployment at the exit of the launch tube makes the RAIJIN a system offering a wide range of speeds and a great autonomy, with an excellent accuracy of final trajectory. All this for a controlled deployment and operation cost. The deployment of the drone is facilitated by its ability to be launched directly from its transport container also serving as a reusable launch tube and in which it is positioned with the wings folded along the fuselage. The rhomboid wing automatic flight deployment system is an international patent of FLY-R. Read More »

Mvine Partners with OCR Labs Global to Deliver Seamless Digital Identity Verification

 London, UK - 21 March 2023 World-leading digital ID verification company OCR Labs Global has partnered with Mvine, a British technology company delivering next-generation platforms that power the digital economy. OCR Labs Global will enable digital identity verification (IDV) checks for the end users of Mvine’s business customers, processed through Mvine’s identity hub technology. The partnership coincides with the launch to the UK B2B market of ‘MvineID’, a new service delivering fast and affordable identity verification checks to businesses according to their needs and budget. Read More »