How We Support Our Suppliers

Connectivity & Relationship Building

Each of our Suppliers has a dedicated profile on the Drone Major Portal. The portal provides a direct channel to market where Suppliers can showcase their technologies and connect with potential Buyers from around the world. It is an intelligence database with dedicated central hubs for established drone Suppliers across all domains ‐ land, sea (surface and sub-surface), air and space.

The Drone Major Portal is the only global hub for Suppliers of drone technology across all domains, meaning that Drone Major is uniquely placed to introduce multiple relevant Suppliers where their technology, services and aspirations are aligned.

Trusting and successful relationships are key to our business. We have a proven track record of working successfully with Buyers, to find the best technologies to meet their unique challenges and achieve their objectives. Our central goal is to connect Buyers and Suppliers to help industry thrive.

Sustainable Growth & Representation

The Drone Major Portal creates a constant stream of opportunities for our Suppliers, connecting them with Buyers around the world who want to take advantage of the enormous benefits of integrating drone technologies into their organisation.

Drone Major also represents all Suppliers through close involvement with Standards organisations and Regulators around the world. We make the case for better and joined-up standards and regulations, as well as driving excellence and innovation, and paving the way for the successful and sustainable growth of the drone industry.