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If you are developing a new product, piece of software or engineering methods then you should look into R&D tax relief. R&D tax relief can greatly benefit companies who are eligible but there are penalties for companies trying to claim when they aren’t. R&D Consulting Limited was formed in 2012 and its goal is to:

  • Help eligible companies claim R&D tax relief
  • Ensure eligible companies claim the correct amounts under the correct schemes
  • Safeguard against the damaging advice that is currently being offered around R&D tax relief which has led to numerous companies being unaware that the claims they are submitting are invalid and they have now exposed themselves to potentially hefty penalties.

A short phone call can help you know where you stand and ensure you don’t miss out on this generous relief or open yourself up to the penalties of accidentally claiming something you shouldn’t.

Get in touch for some free, no-nonsense advice.