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Sky Power International

Sky Power International owns the newest generation of gas engines and heavy fuel (HF) for the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry.


Our mission

Sky Power's mission is to provide the industry with the best-performing professional propulsion systems available and to continue pushing the envelope with new developments towards performance, capability, reliability and value for money.

We invest in technology that enables our customers to design, build and operate class-leading systems. Through our customer's success in the market, we build our stakeholder value


Sky Power Internationals signed exclusive contracts for the following:

- Production, research and development of gasoline and heavy fuel engines

- Worldwide sales & marketing for the complete line of gasoline and heavy fuel engines

- Offering engine designs and adaptations for existing standard engines, upon customer request


Our added value

- High Quality R&D and production made in Germany

- Reduced fuel consumption

- Reduced noise level

- Reliable, dependable and cost effective engines

- In-house engine tests before delivery

- Highly qualified workforce

- Exceptional customer support

- Requests for non-standards welcome