Challenge 11. Veteran Army Officer Faces English Channel Crossing by Stand up Paddle board – in November!

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Challenge 11. Veteran Army Officer Faces English Channel Crossing by Stand up Paddle board – in November!

Words By: Jen Price

"So, the channel didn’t happen (40 knot winds are a bit of a buzz kill) but we are not the sort of people to be stopped! We did the distance anyway this weekend - just not on the ocean"

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A former Major in the Royal Artillery is about to attempt a winter crossing of the English Channel by stand up paddle board, in the latest leg of a year-long quest to support Armed Forces veterans in their battle with mental health issues.

Challenge 11. Veteran Army Officer Faces English Channel Crossing by Stand up Paddle board – in November!

Jen Price, 32, has embarked on a series of extreme physical challenges in 2022 (12 in 12 months), with the aim of raising vital funds for the Veterans’ Foundation.

In November, Price will attempt her crossing from Dungeness to Boulogne, across the busiest shipping channel in the world. She will be supported by a mandatory safety boat and will be watching the weather forecast intently, hoping for calm seas and a gentle breeze.

The crossing, famous with swimmers, has only been attempted by paddleboard a handful of times.

“I am very concerned about whether or not we will get the right weather conditions and really hope that I do not get sea sick!” said Jen.

This year Jen has already smashed through her challenges having completed an Ironman, a self-supported 1000 mile cycle from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, climbed Kilimanjaro, completed a 5 day 250km multistage desert ultra-marathon, and completed the notorious Devizes to Westminster canoe marathon.

So far, she has raised over £28,000 for the Veterans’ Foundation, with particular support from ROUUTE technologies, a veteran founded and run green energy company.

“I am immensely grateful for the support and donations that I have received so far this year, it makes it all feel worth it” said Jen.

Jen is now just two challenges away from completing this herculean fundraising effort; after the paddle she will be attempting to climb Aconcagua in Argentina which, at nearly 7000 meters, is the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas and one of the Seven Summits. On current planning it will take 2-3 weeks to climb and she is hoping to summit on Christmas Eve.

“If I complete Aconcagua I have no doubt it will be the best feeling in the world! This has been one of the most demanding years of my life, so knowing that it has been a success and that I might get to put my feet up for New Year’s will be incredible!” exclaimed Jen.

Despite the amount of physical and mental effort Jen has put into this year she is truly passionate about the cause she is fundraising for. After seeing colleagues and friends struggle with their mental health, especially after leaving the Armed Forces, Jen was determined to help those who fight an invisible war.

"It is rare to go through life without experiencing personal trauma of some sort, whether that has been on the battlefield or in your personal life,” Jen explained. “I also believe that challenging yourself and going on adventures can a have a hugely positive impact on your life and is one of the best ways to get better. So, if my efforts inspire others to get out there then even better!”

Jen has been writing blogs and making short update films throughout 2022, shared by both the Veterans’ Foundation and by Jen herself on her own website and social media channels.

The Veterans’ Foundation fully supports Jen’s efforts and has been thrilled to see her success so far.

“We wish Jen the best of luck in her remaining challenges and we hope you’ll join us to support her mission of raising funds for British veterans in need." Said the Foundation.

Every penny raised will go to helping British Armed Forces personnel in need.

You can see all 12 of Jen’s challenges and keep up to date with her progress on the ‘Jennevolve’ website:

To donate and support her mission to help British veterans in need, see Jen’s JustGiving page here:


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