Eyeson for Public Safety

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Eyeson for Public Safety

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In an era where public safety is paramount, Eyeson is introducing the innovative OneView solution, designed to enhance situational awareness and responsiveness through advanced and patented video technology. Eyeson collaborates with state and local law enforcement, emergency services, security companies, utility operators, and their partners, augmenting and strengthening their existing infrastructures with new, groundbreaking capabilities.

The One View Solution leverages a new generation of real-time video software infrastructure, enabling the mixing, synchronising, and distributing of multiple information sources – such as video feeds, video analytics, screens, and dashboards – to all stakeholders involved in managing crisis scenarios. This ensures they remain fully informed, focused, and in sync to make the right decisions.


Eyeson for Public Safety
Challenges in Public Safety

Public safety entities face numerous challenges, including the need for real-time response to incidents, effective coordination among various agencies, and the ability to manage potentially dangerous situations proactively. Traditional systems often operate in silos, leading to delayed information sharing and response times, especially in cases like earthquake aftermaths or escalating wildfires.

The orchestration of public safety emergencies within a public safety framework typically involves a coordinated effort across various agencies, including the police department, health services, emergency management, and investigative bodies. These organisations respond to multifaceted threats, such as criminal activities, terrorist incidents, medical crises, and natural disasters.

As reliance on mobile technology grows, adopting a modern and comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure, such as 5G, is imperative to enhance communication between agencies and the public.

However, the existing technical frameworks face limitations that can degrade service quality. To uplift emergency response capabilities, developing a coherent, resilient, reliable, agile, and multi-faceted information collection and dispatch system is essential.


Crisis context stakeholders are exposed to:
  • Unpredictable and unstable communication infrastructures
  • Confusion, information overflow from multiple sources
  • Rapid contextual evolution and potential disruptive series of events
  • Stress of real-time decision-making


How a communication system should help:
  • Ensure reliable and resilient media (video, Voice, Screens, Data) over 4G/5G, SATCOM, LAN, WAN
  • Manage a synchronised communication and dispatching of information to alltypes of parties involved (computers, mobiles, control rooms)
  • Provide a single source of information for all media such as analytics dashboards, IoT devices, drones, CCTV, and live video with teams
  • Allow agile and real-time reconfiguration of information priorities and display
  • Manage storage of all communications for future reporting


A key objective for public safety within an emergency context is to streamline and unify emergency contact methods into a singular, efficient system. This system should handle a high volume of concurrent users in various roles, such as call takers, dispatchers, supervisors, digital agents, and medical personnel, across different agency locations. This robust system requires geo-redundancy for emergency forces to ensure resilience against site failures due to unexpected events like natural disasters.

The deployment of an advanced, integrated solution is anticipated to improve emergency response times significantly, foster inter-agency cooperation, enhance citizen engagement and bolster overall transparency and accountability in public safety operations. Embracing this progressive approach positions a police force to confront current challenges and establish a foundation for a resilient, technologically advanced public safety emergency management system.


Eyeson for Public Safety

Eyeson One View solution is a Programmable Software Communication Platform that integrates multiple media sources (real-time video, audio, screens) into a single synchronised view. This view can be reliably distributed to the devices of all the parties involved, from the control room down to security forces dispatched on the ground. The One View solution is a fully programmable solution, available via a full set of APIs from the cloud or on-premise. The One View solution also includes critical back-end functions like analytics and storage. Eyeson One View is designed to:


Enhance Real-Time Situational Awareness: Utilise live video feeds from various sources, including drones, body cameras, information dashboards, and surveillance systems, to gain immediate insights into ongoing situations, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making.

Streamline Multi-Agency Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication and information sharing among public safety agencies, ensuring coordinated responses to emergencies and large-scale incidents. Improve Incident Management: Leverage advanced video analytics to detect and alert authorities about unusual activities, helping to prevent incidents before they escalate.

Ensure Data Security and Compliance: Adhere to stringent data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring that all video communications and recordings are securely managed and stored.

Improved Response Times: Real-time video insights allow quicker assessment and action, potentially saving lives and preventing damage. Enhanced Collaboration: A unified platform breaks down communication barriers between agencies, improving joint efforts during critical incidents.

Proactive Public Safety Management: Advanced analytics help predict and mitigate risks, creating a safer and more secure community.

Cost Efficiency: Cloud-based model reduces the need for extensive hardware investments and simplifies maintenance and scalability.

The key benefits of the Eyeson One View solution:

  • Highly resilient for Mobiles and Desktop Devices
  • Fully synchronised multi-party calls
  • Multi-Sources integrated into a single audio/video stream
  • Highly flexible with Layouts reconfigurable within milliseconds
  • Available in the cloud, on-premises or embedded
  • Standard based, does not require any installation on client devices
  • Fully programmable via a set of sophisticated APIs
  • Usable in all bandwidth scenarios, LAN/WLAN, 3G/4G/5G, and even SATCOM
  • Strong back-end features such as analytics and recording


Eyeson One View Core Technologies & Key Benefits

Eyeson One View Server is a software-based multi-control unit (MCU) drastically improved by Eyeson patented One View Technology to combine audio, video, custom data, and media feeds into a single video stream. One View can be integrated via an API for cloud or on-premise usage, allowing advanced video layout and design customisation to create a dynamic and integrated communication experience.


Versatile – It Incorporates All Sources and Types of Data

Eyeson designs systems to be highly inclusive, allowing you to incorporate a wide array of sources and data types into your operational calls and layered displays. Experience the simplicity of adding live feeds from IP cameras, bodycams, and drones directly into your communication interface. With support for video streams, documents, and data visualisations, our solution ensures that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips, facilitating a comprehensive operational view. This integration capability empowers public safety personnel to make informed decisions with speed and confidence during critical incidents.


Highly Customisable Layout Design and Call Flows

Eyeson’s patented layout technology is engineered for the exacting demands of public safety operations. Eyeson One View Layout API provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to position elements freely across the display matrix and layer them with precision in both the foreground and background. This pixel-perfect customisation ensures that you can tailor the interface to suit the unique requirements of your mission-critical environments without any compromise. Whether you're coordinating a multi-agency response or managing a complex security operation, our system adapts to provide the clarity and control you need.

Eyeson One View's customisable call flows are specifically designed to cater to the unique operational demands of diverse public safety organisations, ranging from local police departments to university campus security teams. The Eyeson One View Call Control APIs facilitate the creation of tailored solutions that align with each entity's distinct protocols and response strategies. A single Call Control API request creates a new meeting scenario and provides links for the participants to join it. That’s all: clients just use their browser and don’t need to be aware of all the other participants because they just join the meeting, the rest is managed by the MCU.

This personalised approach enables the seamless integration and management of real-time data and media streams within specially configured user interfaces. As a result, the system ensures the precise and timely delivery of critical information to designated personnel, enhancing decision-making processes. The inherent flexibility of these workflows also allows for rapid adaptation to evolving emergencies, bolstering the resilience and adaptability of public safety measures. By fostering the development of such bespoke operational processes, Eyeson One View significantly amplifies the effectiveness of incident response and establishes a fortified stance on public safety across various contexts and environments.


Instantaneous Real-time Layout Management

Eyeson One View Layout API (e.g., Public Safety): This innovative API enables the injection of data and people in real-time into a customised layout in full synchronicity - which in combination creates the technological differentiator. It can dynamically render multiple video streams into a single view, facilitating real-time collaboration and decision-making. Eyeson One View’s real-time layout management system is designed with the urgency of public safety in mind.

The API supports inserting data, such as images or text messages into the single stream video, with options for file sharing, URL provision, and customisation of the content appearance. The custom layouts utilise layers for background (Z = -1 … -M) and overlay foreground (Z = 1…N) integration on a frame-by-frame base. The base layer (Z = 0) is used to arrange the video participants. All these layers allow high-dynamic content presentation and can be changed in real time.


Highly Resilient, Smart Bandwidth Management

Eyeson’s patented smart bandwidth management technology ensures that first responders and public safety officials reliably receive the highest video quality achievable, adapting in real-time to the varying conditions of network connectivity and devices in the field. This guarantees that you maintain situational awareness with clear and reliable visual information, crucial for coordinating effective emergency responses and keeping all stakeholders informed during critical incidents. Eyeson technology ensures the highest level of resilience with the Industry’s lowest bandwidth consumption in the context of High-Quality multi-source communication. Eyeson’s patented Single Stream Technology needs 3 times less bandwidth (70% lower bandwidth consumption) than legacy solutions for calls with multiple participants sharing a mix of live video sources and data screens.

Smart Bandwidth Management facilitates dynamic bandwidth adjustment by adapting frame and bit rates in audio and video codecs. Essentially, the MCU+ generates optimised quality streams to the connected clients, varying in resolution, bitrate, and frame rate.

The selection of the appropriate quality stream for each client is determined by leveraging RTCP feedback and Transport Wide Congestion Control (TWCC), ensuring optimal performance on a per-client basis and always adapting to the current network conditions of the individual clients, regardless of whether they are connected via LAN/WLAN, 3G/4G/5G or SATCOM.

Mobile Accessibility: Enable on-the-go access for field personnel through a secure mobile application, ensuring they have the necessary information at their fingertips.


Eyeson One View Observer for Analytics

Eyeson One View Observer gives a full timeline of who was on the call and what happened, which can be used as a base for a digital event description. You will have a complete view of events in the call, participants, layouts, recordings, chats and more.


Eyeson One View Recording for Compliance

Eyeson One View Recording is happening in the cloud and therefore impartial. Everybody sees the same at the same time in Eyeson One View. The cloud-based recording accurately reflects this singular perspective without any alterations or division into separate views.

Users or the system can trigger the functionality of taking snapshots, which captures the current screen view. This provides documentation of the situation that can be revisited later without scrubbing through a recording. The One View recorder API allows the solution to align with compliance requirements such as GDPR.


Open, Standard-based, Natively Interoperable system

Easy integration with existing public safety systems, enhancing operational efficiency without significant infrastructure changes. No installers are needed to access Eyeson One View sessions. New devices such as a computer or a mobile device (iOS, Android) can access it just by clicking on a URL or using a QR code.

The Eyeson One View solution is natively compatible with the following standards: WebRTC, H.264, VP8, VP9, AV1 or Opus, G.711, TLS, SRTP and Websockets. H.323 systems can connect using a gateway.


Flexible Deployments, Cloud-Based, On-premise, or Embedded

Eyeson’s platform is primarily delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, ensuring constant accessibility and up-to-date features without the hassle of in-house maintenance.

Recognising the diverse needs of public safety organisations, we also offer on-premise and portable installation options, providing the flexibility to align with your specific resilience and security protocols.

Whatever your operational requirements, our tailored solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure, delivering the reliability and security that public safety demands.

Safety operations in mind. It seamlessly transitions the layout in less than 40 ms between frames, ensuring that the updated layout is fully operational on the client's end within a maximum of 400 ms. This swift and smooth transition feels instantaneous to the user and is engineered to maintain uninterrupted communication, vital during emergency response situations where every second counts.

Eyeson supports multiple cloud providers and regions, allowing customers to choose the most appropriate infrastructure for their needs. Eyeson hosts over 150 million meeting minutes and 33 million recording minutes per month and guarantees a monthly uptime of 99.99%.


Eyeson One View’s Economical Impact
Economical & Ecological Aspects

Eyeson One View's economic impact is marked by its bandwidth efficiency and the integration of numerous participants and data sources into a single video stream which drastically reduces the operational costs for businesses.

Eyeson One View contributes to CO2 reduction trends by optimising bandwidth usage and minimising the energy required for video conferencing. With its innovative approach to integrating participants and data sources efficiently, Eyeson One View reduces the bandwidth needed thereby lowering the CO2 emissions associated with data processing and transmission. This alignment with sustainable practices reflects a growing global commitment to reducing environmental impact, making Eyeson One View not only a technologically advanced solution but also an environmentally responsible choice in the digital communication space.


Bandwidth Aspects

Eyeson One View showcases its efficiency in bandwidth management, particularly as the number of participants and data sources increases. Unlike traditional systems where bandwidth savings are minimal at smaller scales, Eyeson One View excels in larger settings. For example, bandwidth savings leap to over 36.1% with 15 participants and continue to rise, achieving up to 96.0% for extremely large gatherings of 25,000 to 250,000 participants. This progressive efficiency underscores Eyeson One View's capability to optimise bandwidth usage effectively, making it a superior solution for handling meetings of any size with significant savings.


Energy Aspects

To analyse the energy consumption and efficiency of Eyeson One View architecture versus traditional SFU Architecture (like Zoom, or MS Teams), we'll examine data on participants, data sources, and their impact on energy use. This analysis highlights

Eyeson One View's unique approach, integrating multiple video and data sources into a single stream, potentially offering energy and cost savings compared to traditional architectures. Eyeson One View's architecture is designed to reduce CPU load and energy consumption by efficiently managing active and passive video meeting participants. This efficiency can lead to significant savings in electricity usage and costs for companies, emphasizing Eyeson One View's sustainability and operational efficiency advantages.

Eyeson One View showcases notable efficiency and potential cost savings in video conferencing, especially as the number of active participants increases. For small meetings with two participants, savings can be modest. However, as participant numbers rise to 16, Eyeson One View's architecture significantly outperforms traditional SFU solutions like Zoom or Teams, offering up to 69.68% savings.


Impact on Public Safety

Eyeson One View's efficient bandwidth management significantly impacts economic and CO2 reduction trends, which are especially relevant in the public safety market. By optimising video conferencing energy use, Eyeson One View aligns with global sustainability efforts, reducing the environmental costs associated with virtual conferencing. This approach is crucial as the demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies grows within public safety and other sectors aiming for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. For more insights into the environmental impact of virtual conferencing, refer to the University of Michigan study on Michigan Engineering News and the IEA's report on Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency. Eyeson One View's bandwidth reduction is crucial for public safety for several reasons:


No network resources overload: seamless integration of live video feeds from multiple sources like drones and body cameras is essential for public safety

Minimising data transmission delays: efficient multi-agency collaboration during emergencies and removing distributed calculation complexity

Improving device battery lifetime: extending the usage with one battery charge and improving device battery lifetime by reducing energy consumption for communication (including conferencing), especially for on-field operations


Eyeson One View in Public Safety Emergency Management

Eyeson One View can be strategically utilised in a nation's public safety emergency management system, where coordination among multiple key agencies is crucial. In a scenario where a country's National Police Command and Coordination centre oversees the collective efforts of the National Police, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Emergency Management, and an Investigation Bureau, Eyeson One View offers an innovative solution. These agencies are tasked with responding to various safety threats, such as crimes, terror attacks, medical emergencies, and natural disasters.

The current emergency management ICT infrastructure, which primarily relies on call centres and shortcodes, faces challenges affecting the quality of service. With the advent of a comprehensive 5G network and the high penetration of mobile phone usage, Eyeson One View can harness these technological advancements to enhance emergency response solutions.

Eyeson One View can facilitate the gathering and integration of incident information across multiple channels, providing crucial location data for both callers and field responders. It enables automated dispatch and ensures effective command and control, which is essential for generating decision-supportive reports. Integration with various technologies, including IoT sensors, drones, CCTV, and radio communications, can be achieved to create a cohesive emergency response environment.

A key feature is the system's ability to streamline emergency numbers into a unified nationwide system. This new system would efficiently process and assign emergency calls, moving away from the existing shortcode system. Designed to support a significant number of concurrent users, Eyeson One View can cater to the diverse roles within emergency management agencies, including call takers, dispatchers, supervisors, digital agents, and medical professionals.

The system must also be robust, with geo-redundancy features to ensure backup and contingency capabilities, especially during site failures due to natural disasters or other unforeseen emergencies.

The anticipated benefits of implementing Eyeson One View are manifold. They include improved emergency response times, enhanced inter-agency collaboration, increased citizen engagement, and a boost in transparency and accountability within public safety operations. By adopting this solution, the country is not only addressing current technical challenges but also laying a resilient and technologically advanced foundation for the future of public safety emergency management.


Eyeson One View for Digital Police Work

The Eyeson One View, used as a video render API is a robust technology capable of real-time video content creation and editing. This technology can be applied in various contexts, including police operations, interactive patrol cars, and mobile police work.

The API could process live video feeds from surveillance cameras, drones, or bodycams worn by officers. These feeds can then be analysed and edited in real-time to highlight crucial information or redact irrelevant details. Additionally, the API could provide officers in the field with live video feeds from command centres or other units, significantly enhancing communication and coordination during operations.

Utilising the Eyeson Video Render API could greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital police work. It could enable the extraction of valuable information from video content more quickly and accurately and allow for efficient, useful presentation and sharing of this information.


IT Solutions with One View

IT solutions are pivotal for modernising police work, covering incident management in control centres and on-field, along with administrative tasks like processing and research. These solutions, developed from two decades of experience and a deep understanding of police operations, meet the high security standards required by authorities. They aim to enhance efficiency and integrate new technological advances, focusing on delivering value and adhering to professional standards within the police force.

One View serves as an invaluable visual support tool that complements existing communication channels like radio and telephone systems. It ensures that all participants in emergency response scenarios are aligned, with access to a shared visual understanding of the situation at hand. This synchronicity is crucial for fostering quick, informed decision-making, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective emergency response and management.

Eyeson provides a synchronised video stream for remote teams, supporting rapid deployment and seamless integration in critical situations. This solution is pivotal for enhancing collaboration and decision-making in scenarios like telemedicine, police operations, and critical infrastructure management, ensuring shared situational awareness and swift decision-making.

Eyeson One View Control room solution adopts a comprehensive step-by-step approach to enhance a public safety emergency management system. Its key feature is the integration of visual elements alongside spoken communication, allowing for a more efficient response. Through the consolidation of various communication channels,

Eyeson offers benefits such as situational awareness and the utilisation of video messages for informed decision-making. The platform promotes inclusive collaboration by involving all stakeholders, including those without direct control centre access, fostering holistic solutions. Integrated information, including on-site video

transmissions from mobile phones, engages field forces and encourages contributions from citizens. The platform facilitates dispatching solutions on the go, supporting smaller team collaboration while seamlessly integrating with control room dashboards.

Designed to reflect modern IT trends, Eyeson One View is future-oriented and scalable, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness from mobile units to full integration in existing situation rooms.


3 Use Cases for Digital Police Work

Eyeson OneView can enhance law enforcement operations by integrating real-time video communication into patrol cars, supporting mobile police work with digital tools for efficient field operations, and streamlining case processing with its versatile platform for secure data and evidence management.


Interactive Patrol Car: For organisations prioritising integrated and efficient operations during deployment, our MultiPC offers a flexible in-vehicle system that enables communication and operation of resources through a central unit. This system is manufacturer-independent and can be customised to client specifications.

Mobile Police Work: Our modular integrated AppSuite equips officers on the street with the necessary digital tools to support their tasks, ranging from deployment and communication to searches, inquiries, and initial recording of relevant information.

Integrated Case Processing: The IT platform for the digitisation of police processes offers a fully integrated system for case processing, searching, and information retrieval. It provides digital modules for all police processes, including evidence management, electronic criminal files, forensic modules, custody, and security checks.



In conclusion, the Eyeson One View solution represents a pivotal advancement in public safety technology. This state-of-the-art platform is meticulously crafted to address the critical need for enhanced situational awareness and multi-agency collaboration during emergencies. By harnessing the power of real-time video analytics and a diverse suite of interoperable communication tools, One View offers unprecedented operational efficiency and responsiveness for public safety entities.

The system's core strengths lie in its ability to synthesise vast data streams from various inputs - including drones, bodycams, and IoT devices - into a cohesive and intuitive interface. This integration facilitates rapid decision-making and ensures that all stakeholders, from command centres to field operatives, access the same actionable intelligence.

With robust data security measures, compliance with stringent privacy standards, and versatile deployment options (cloud-based, on-premise, or portable), One View is equipped to meet the diverse requirements of modern public safety operations. The platform's flexible design and smart bandwidth management further underscore its capability to deliver clear visual communications, even in the most challenging environments.

Embracing the Eyeson One View solution empowers public safety organisations to transcend existing limitations, dramatically improving emergency response times, and fostering a cooperative approach to crisis management. In doing so, Eyeson positions itself as a leader in the digital transformation of public safety, driving forward a future where technology and strategy converge for the protection and benefit of all.