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Editorial Feature

Looking ahead to the full-scale operation of regular logistics drone flights in 2021

Words By: Drone Major

ALI Technologies and SBS Holdings (provider of integrated logistics services) released a public demonstration experiment of logistic drones at SBS Logicom in Yokohama city.

In a complex radio wave environment and strong sea breeze, 5 round trip experiments of 100m were completed. Before then, tests were done in mountains & forests, but now they proved that autonomous flights can be performed safely in complex radio wave environments.
Aiming at social implementation including commercial use, they focus at providing the last mile service to the logistics industry at a low price.

Automatic delivery flight using ALI Number One UAV equipped with a 2kg dummy baggage.
Cosmos: ALI's UAV control system (traffic management platform that enables UAV group control & air traffic control). 
iGOQ: platform operated by SBS Logicom that matches spot cargo with vacant vehicles.

ALI is the world's first drone/AI business that develops various solution businesses, including AI-equipped drones and developing an air mobility business that aims to sell practical hoverbikes. 

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