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Mvine wins contract from European Space Agency

Words By: Mvine

A new contract has been awarded by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) Programme this month to a consortium led by Mvine Limited, for a new Demonstration Project co-funded under ESA’s ARTES 4.0 element. This will run for 18 months and to a budget of 970,000 EUR (1.03M USD; 0.86M GBP). The contract award reinforces Mvine’s existing capabilities in creating secure telecom-connected real-time digital marketplaces and its strategic positioning in producing digital twin solutions.

This contract award comes after a stringent process by ESA to evaluate all architectural, technical and commercial aspects of the proposed Demonstration Project which will deliver a feature rich Digital Twin for use by emergency services commanders and frontline officers in the context of a mass casualty incident. Mvine is Prime contractor and is working with four partner companies selected for their own specialisations, technical know-how and access to the market: Bedeque Limited; Digital Creativity in Disability Limited; Dynamic Devices Limited; CGA Simulation Limited.

Frank Joshi, director at Mvine, said: “Mvine is pleased to enter into contract with such a prestigious organisation as the European Space Agency and we look forward to delivering on time and on budget. Our Contractor’s team (comprising Prime and Subcontractors) are self-motivated and well-organised to deliver successfully on all milestones.”

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“Throughout the project, the emphasis is always on the meaningful use of space and space assets, both existing and upcoming constellations. Combined with ad-hoc mesh networks, including 5G and other technologies, this contract means placing exciting innovation into the hands of those who need it,” said Frank Joshi.

Volker Schumacher, Technical Officer at the European Space Agency, said: “Mvine has successfully led the consortium through the ESA Business Applications programme’s bidding process and is now pleased to see work starting on this Demonstration project which will hopefully be contributing significantly to enhancing the capabilities of the involved public safety stakeholder community.

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