NAV CANADA signs strategic agreement with Unifly

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NAV CANADA signs strategic agreement with Unifly

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February 26, 2020, OTTAWA/ANTWERP – NAV CANADA has entered into an agreement with Unifly, a strategic technology partner, in the deployment of a national system that provides digital services for safely operating and managing drones in Canadian airspace.

The system has an intuitive user interface and will enable Canadian drone pilots to access web and mobile applications to identify safe and legal airspace, plan flights, manage operations, pilots and fleet of drones.  
This fully digitized system makes the process of requesting authorization to fly in controlled airspace easier and faster for qualified drone pilots. The app will also benefit airlines and general aviation pilots, as it reduces the risk of accidental drone incursions.

As Canada’s air navigation service provider, NAV CANADA has an essential role to play in developing an operating environment that supports the innovative potential of the drone industry and ensures safety across Canadian airspace.

The system is designed to support current regulations for drone flights within visual line of sight.
The website and mobile app will be available both in French and in English.

After a thorough analysis of the market we selected Unifly based on their advanced technology and proven track record in numerous countries.  The new app is a key component of our national drone strategy and will further our dedication to air traffic safety and technological innovation in Canadian airspace,” said Mark Cooper, Senior Vice President, ANS Technology, NAV CANADA.

 “As one of the most innovative and world’s safest Air Navigation Service Providers, NAV CANADA has a deep understanding of the challenges that developing and implementing complex traffic management systems bring,” said Marc Kegelaers, CEO of Unifly.

We are therefore very proud that NAV CANADA decided to partner with Unifly and strongly feel this agreement is a recognition of the value of our strategy. These past years we have not only developed our product but also organized our entire company to become the ideal partner for national Air Navigation Service Providers and Civil Aviation Authorities.”
NAV CANADA is a private, not-for-profit company, established in 1996, providing air traffic control, airport advisory services, weather briefings and aeronautical information services for more than 18 million square kilometres of Canadian domestic and international airspace.

The Company is internationally recognized for its safety record, and technology innovation. Air traffic management systems developed by NAV CANADA are used by air navigation service providers in countries worldwide.

About Unifly
Unifly’s mission is to create a digital environment that helps stimulate the drone market while safeguarding the safety of the airspace.

Unifly is a leading supplier of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, connecting authorities and operators to safely integrate RPAS into the airspace. Founded by former Air Traffic Controllers, the company has operations worldwide and offices in Europe, North America, and South America.

Unifly created a global ecosystem of partners composed of international, national, and local authorities, airports, technology providers, standard development organizations, research groups, and academic institutions. The Unifly UTM portfolio is designed as a highly scalable, cloud-based solution supporting all stakeholders.

NAV CANADA signs strategic agreement with Unifly