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New Solution For Coastal And Maritime Surveillance A Technology Breakthrough

Editorial Feature

New Solution For Coastal And Maritime Surveillance A Technology Breakthrough

Words By: Drone Major

A proud new supplier to Drone Major, FLY-R develops a unique range of rhomboid wing UAVs that has many technical, operational and financial advantages over traditional aircraft. 

This aerodynamic configuration take the benefits of the fixed wing aircraft, while significantly improving the speed range, endurance and radius compared to aircraft of comparable size. 

Compared to these conventional aircraft, the Rhomboid formula offers:

New Solution For Coastal And Maritime Surveillance A Technology Breakthrough

  • Reduced wingspan by about half
  • Drag Reduction
  • Reduced structural mass
  • Large speed range 
  • High Maneuverability in turbulent atmosphere
  • The rhomboid wing is considered the solution for the aircraft of the future, which must be environmentally friendly and cost effective.

    Their characteristics make the FLY-R systems particularly well suited to fix and mobile deployments related to coastal and maritime surveillance.

    Today, solutions using piloted aircraft (with crew) are mostly deployed, in a non-continuous way. These solutions are expensive and requires a heavy infrastructure and logistics.

    FLY-R's R2-150 and R2-240 systems were designed specifically for these missions. They can be based on the coast or on-board ships, and operated by Day and Night.

    Fully autonomous from launch to recovery, the FLY-R systems are equipped with a range of day and night sensors and communications systems (radio LOS or satellite) offering a high mission performance efficiency at reduced operating costs.


    The FLY-R systems are particularly well suited to be part of the Drone Major PHOENIX Project.

    Drone Major Project Phoenix 1 requires an airborne component (UAS) permitting the middle to long range all-weather surveillance of maritime traffic around the Port of Liverpool as well as a quick response airborne system in case of incident or accident. This airborne component is integrated in the fully automated system being the purpose of Phoenix 1 and comes in complement to Radar systems or surface drones.

    About FLY-R:

    FLY-R SAS is a French High-Tech company having a unique know how in the design and development of Rhomboidal Wing UAV systems. 

    FLY-R was founded in 2013 by three aeronautical engineers accumulating more than 45 years of experience in design, development, flight testing and drone system qualification.

    During its years of operation, FLY-R has established partnerships with reputable organizations including ONERA of France. FLY-R has internationally patented several of its technological solutions developed for its Rhomboidal drones. In addition, the high level of quality process in FLY-R allowed the company to obtain the EN/AS/JISQ 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications.

    The Systems developed by FLY-R include:

    The R2-150: A light fully electrical system, well suited for rapid deployment in unprepared areas and offering an efficient and economical solution to the short to medium range coastal and maritime surveillance

    The R2-240: A hybrid propulsion system for Day and Night ISR applications with LOS and/or satellite communication systems

    The R2-HSTD: A high speed target drone, equipped with a jet engine, for Ground to Air and Air to Air training

    The R2-400 and the R2-600: two models of MALE (Medium Altitude Long Range) UAVs offering various performances in terms of Payload, endurance and range.

    More information about FLY-R can be found at: www.flyr-uas.com

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