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skycorp and the bionic eye hydrogen fuel cell power system

Editorial Feature

SKYCORP & The Bionic Eye: Upgrade Your Drone System with Hydrogen Technology

Published April 30th 2019

Words By: Drone Major

SKYCORP, a Drone Major supplier and the provider of Europe’s only commercially available hydrogen drone (e-Drone Zero) has recently announced a joint service relationship with The Bionic Eye – a project they are calling H2DroneUnlock. This strategic collaboration will provide current drone hardware providers with the opportunity to revolutionise their offerings with the integration of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered system.

To SKYCORP, the benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cell power (as opposed to traditional LiPO batteries) include the following:

  • 3+ times longer flight endurance on multicopters
  • Refuelling reduced to 1-2 minutes
  • Improved workflow
  • Improved flight characteristics
  • Zero emissions
  • skycorp and the bionic eye hydrogen fuel cell power system

    In addition to installing the power system, SKYCORP and The Bionic Eye will also provide extensive training to ensure mastery of the use of your drone with their system. The benefits are clear – SKYCORP and The Bionic Eye are giving your business the opportunity to unlock the true potential of your drone, improve its work rate and utilise a source of clean, green hydrogen energy throughout the entire process.

    As a standard, SKYCORP states that eligible drones should be larger than 500mm diagonally and preferably a 6S (22V) system to facilitate ease of conversion.

    To find out more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell power and to see if your offerings qualify for a SKYCORP + The Bionic Eye transformation, email [email protected] or visit their website here.

    To learn more about Europe’s first Hydrogen Fuel Cell drone – SKYCORP’s e-Drone Zero – visit their Drone Major profile here.

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