Why we do blade inspections, the way we do blade inspections

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Why we do blade inspections, the way we do blade inspections

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Writing is ambiguous. It misreads, misdirects, and paves the road for misunderstandings.

Though the written word holds endless opportunities, when it comes to communicating the big picture, text alone is a clunky tool at best.

Here, we prefer to let the visuals talk. After all, you know what they say about an image.

Why we do blade inspections, the way we do blade inspections

If you believe in that sort of comparison, our new wind workflow is worth 100010 words, or something near that. We’re not mathematicians. I’d rather describe us as software magicians, and this new feature goes beyond text and above images, to bring together all your data and create that big picture, we’re all looking to communicate.

Enough fancy words.

Let’s have a look at this new blade inspection workflow.


This is a little preview. To get the full picture, sign up and try it yourself.

We have been working closely with Natural Power to create this workflow. The goal was to support the process of analysing turbine- and blade inspections, down to the smallest detail.

That means:

  • AI finds and annotates faults in your blade inspections
  • Faults are visualized on our Live Turbine Diagram
  • The distance from root is detected and included in annotation-details
  • Fault sizes are measured and included in annotation details
  • The final PDF report includes the visual overview as well as a detailed view.
  • If you’re still not convinced visit our wind-page, to see what else Scopito can do for you.


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