Understand the art of the possible


Assisting defence, critical national infrastructure (CNI) and commercial organisations to explore and navigate the possible

applications for drone technology, advising on what is possible, where to buy it, how to implement it safely and effectively, and how to establish through-life maintenance systems.

Strategy Development

Work with you to understand your requirements and establishing a suitable strategy and roadmap to underpin your business plan and to ensure that the implementation and use of drone technology enables you to meet the challenges you face.

Procurement Assistance

Leveraging our global network of over 7000 suppliers, we can develop a Supplier Intelligence to map out the most viable options for your project or business.

If you need to develop your requirement, then our Procurement Assistance service can guide you through every step from concept to the development of a tender document or Request for Quote. We can then help you get your requirement to Suppliers from around the world.

Delivery Support

Utilising decades of project delivery experience we can oversee the execution and management of any delivery project. Our support will ensure that the outcome of the project is safe, effective, commercially viable and compliant with relevant standards and regulations.

Through Life Support

Our dedicated account managers are on hand to provide long-term support to your strategy or project delivery at a level to suit you from a light touch to delivery of a capability as a service.

Market Analysis

Leverage our unparalleled knowledge of the drone market to inform yuour next product launch or establish a market in a new region or country.

Explore The Possibilities

Whatever you are looking to achieve with drone technology, regardless of the sector, application or environment, we can help. Get in touch and we will explain how.