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Fleet Management

Our drone fleet management and operations as a service offering encompasses a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to streamline, optimise, and oversee the entire lifecycle of any drone operations, at scale, within any organisation or industry. This service includes planning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, data management and much more.


All of our fleet management services include the option for us to manage your flight operations but we go one step further and work with you to streamline your operational model to reduce manpower and, through the addition of infrastructure such as Digital Tethering™, we will seek to transition your operators to multi-system Fleet Managers.

Repair & Maintenance

Our drone fleet management services include repair, maintenance and upkeep of your aircraft, ensuring that each drone operates at peak performance. Regular inspections, repairs, and software updates are part of this maintenance regimen, guaranteeing reliability and safety during missions.

The System of Systems

We can provide the system of systems required to effectively control and coordinate their entire fleet, not just the drones. We can schedule all operations, assign tasks, and ensure compliance with regulations and safety protocols. Moreover, this services will integrate cutting-edge software solutions that enable real-time monitoring of drone activity, performance analysis, and data collection.

Fleet operations includes the strategic planning and execution of drone missions, considering geographical specifications, operational requirements, and project goals, which involves designing flight paths, optimising routes for efficiency and managing multiple drones simultaneously to achieve seamless operations.

Explore The Possibilities

Whatever you are looking to achieve with drone technology, regardless of the sector, application or environment, we can help. Get in touch and we will explain how.