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Procurement Support

Simplify the process of procuring drone technology for businesses or organisation with our procurement service.

Intelligence Reports

Whatever capability you need, our Supplier Intelligence Report will shortlist the most appropriate solutions available from our global network of over 7000 suppliers.

If you are a registered Client and have a timeline and a budget, this report could be provided free of charge.


Whether you are an OEM weith a technology and need a drone system to deploy it or you need to understand the market place for a specific technology to enhance it, we can help. With years of experience of supporting OEMs, and a great track record, we are ideally placed to assist.


With so many rapid advancements in propultion, battery and sensory technology, to name but a few, it is difficult for even the most agile organisation to keep up to date with advances, let alone find all of the options available on the market. With the largets network of drone related suppliers in the world, Drone Major can help.

Systems of Systems

Eventually, our Clients get to the point where a system of systems is required to support their drone operations. Often as Clients seek to transition from trial to commercial and reralise that trhere is a piece missing! Whether you are looking to purchase the elements of a system or are looking for a system to be provided 'as a service', we can help.

Explore The Possibilities

Whatever you are looking to achieve with drone technology, regardless of the sector, application or environment, we can help. Get in touch and we will explain how.