Testing your technology in ways you never thought possible

Testing & Validation

Testing and validating drones as a service involves rigorous processes to ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency. Here's an overview of the key aspects involved:

Development of Testing Standards

Working in coordination with government in order to harmonise quality and safety standards for drones operating autonomously in multiple domains.

Extensive Testing Options

A wide range of testing options are available in a range of environments and conditions, including contested:

  • Functional
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Battery and Power
  • Payload Testing
  • Connectivity & Communications
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • User Experience Testing

Planning & Execution

We work in partnership with both government and industry to develop testing grounds for new technology.

Simulated & Lab Testing

Simulated and lab testing of drones are crucial steps in the development and optimisation of autonomous vehicles, helping to ensure their safety, reliability, and performance in real-world applications.

Validation & Feedback

Validation and feedback in drone testing are crucial components used to assess the accuracy, reliability, and safety of drone operations. They play a key role in the development and improvement of drone technology.

Explore The Possibilities

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