Lead the pack by training your staff to understand drone tech


To equip your organisation with the skills it needs to exploit drone technology.


The training programs typically start with fundamental principles of drone technology, including understanding drone components, flight principles, and the basics of aerial navigation. Participants learn about different types of drones, their applications across industries, and the specific regulations governing drone operation in their region.


Beyond technical skills, drone training services may also cover topics related to regulations, ethics, and best practices. This includes understanding airspace regulations, obtaining necessary certifications or licenses, conducting ethical and responsible flights, and implementing safety protocols to minimise risks.

Data Management

The curriculum includes instruction on data collection and analysis methods using drone-captured information. Participants learn how to process and interpret data obtained from drones, such as imagery, videos, and sensor data, to derive actionable insights for specific applications.

Hands On

Hands-on flight training is a crucial component, allowing participants to practice flying drones under the guidance of experienced instructors. This practical training includes flight manoeuvres, emergency procedures, and safety protocols, ensuring operators are proficient in handling drones in various scenarios and environments.


Specialised training modules may be offered based on the intended use of drones. For instance, industry-specific training could focus on aerial photography and videography, surveying and mapping, infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations, or agricultural applications.


Technical training covers various aspects, including drone piloting, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and safety procedures.

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