Amber Tiger - TRAINING

Amber Tiger offers a wide range of training programmes designed to enable your team to perform with improved efficiency and greater focus. Built to fit your needs, our training maximises the potential of your staff, reduces overall operating costs and through simulations and practical exercises, prepares them for all eventualities.

The Detail


 Amber Tiger works with clients to develop bespoke courses and produce high quality e-learning courseware to fit the exacting needs of the user. This will include: Training needs Analysis (TNA), Training Pipeline development, Training programme management, Instructor assessment, Train the trainer packages. We work closely with local partners globally to ensure the highest quality training design and delivery for our clients.

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 We will work with you to reduce your aircraft downtime and increase your capability by providing high quality instructors and training management. All of our instructors are ex UK military and have a wealth of experience in delivering and managing complex training needs and requirements, based on recent operations globally.


 With our global strategic partners, we can deliver proven simulator systems currently in use with military and commercial helicopter operators. These range from a fixed site at the clients chosen location, complete with course design and provision of instructors to a mobile system fitted into a trailer or mobile container allowing the client to move their training delivery to locations of their choice commensurate with airframe location.


 Our instructors are CAA approved pilots giving us the ability to deliver relevant up to date training in accordance with the latest CAA guidelines. In a world where the cost of drones is reducing and sales increasing you can rest easy in the knowledge that training, on both fixed and rotary wing platforms, given by us will meet all current regulations for the commercial operation of unmanned systems.


 Amber Tiger has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering survival training based on guidelines and ethos of UK Special Forces Aviation. With huge levels of recent operational experience, our team can provide training covering downed aircraft, escape and evasion, resistance to interrogation and survival techniques in desert, arctic, jungle, maritime and temperate environments.