EuroUSC Italia Consultancy_Drone Major
EuroUSC Italia Consultancy_Drone Major

EuroUSC Italia

EuroUSC Italia offers drone consultancy services, providing a high level of expertise to manufacturers, operators, insurance companies, and authorities operating within the aviation domain.

The company is comprised of experts in UAS regulation and safety, providing services for a range of sectors - including ATM/ANS and airports.

Thanks to an accumulated portfolio of services affirmed by a long, successful history, EuroUSC Italia is well positioned to introduce new companies to the ever-expanding drone marketplace.

EuroUSC Italia offers consultancy for: -

  • Drone risk analysis with SORA
  • Obtaining the Light UAS Operator Certificate
  • Draft and revision of manuals
  • Specific Category
  • Design Verification
  • Rulemaking and certification

The involvement of EuroUSC Italia in the activities of the main regulatory and international standardisation bodies, has allowed the company to stay at the forefront of the drone industry - and having accumulated over 15 years of expertise being part of European Research and development initiatives, EuroUSC Italia now aims to transfer their knowledge and skills towards individuals and companies who are serious about performing safe UAS operations.

EuroUSC Italia, established in Rome as a joint venture between Deep Blue Srl and Prof. Filippo Tomasello, is a completely independent organisation involved with many aspects of the industry, including: -

  • Design
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance of RPAS
  • Parts
  • Components
  • Systems
  • RPAS operators
  • Flying schools

69 EU Regulation 216/2008.

Choosing EuroUSC Italia means choosing to work with individuals with a high-level of skills drawing from a long-established knowledge base.

Let EuroUSC Italia be that secure and reliable partner by your side.