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EuroUSC Introduces SAMWISE – UAS Risk Assessment using SORA Methodology

Words By: Drone Major

SAMWISE is a free online tool based on the SORA methodology, developed by JARUS, to support operators and authorities in carrying out risk assessments using a standardised process. The SAMWISE web application, developed by EuroUSC Italia, allows UAS operators to carry out an initial feasibility analysis of their operation and identify the applicable requirements, before proceeding with a full SORA analysis.

Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) are evolving towards performance-based and risk-based regulation for UAS. In the UAS sector, the approach recommended by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) is to divide the operations into three categories, with requirements increasing with the level of risk. This is the approach adopted by EASA in the recently published COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/947 on the rules and procedures for operation of unmanned aircraft in the Open and Specific category. In the latter Category, to be authorised to carry out operations not included in standard scenarios, it will be necessary to prepare and submit a risk analysis. The methodology recommended by EASA for carrying out this analysis is the "Specific Operations Risk Assessment" (SORA), developed by JARUS. Using a holistic approach, this new method ensures that all possible risks are evaluated and proposes mitigations to keep them under control.

MARCO DUCCI, EuroUSC Italia CEO and member of the JARUS Group that developed SORA, says: "This is a very powerful and complete methodology, which, however, requires some experience to apply it correctly. SAMWISE is intended to help those who want to quickly understand the requirements to operate safely without fully familiarising with SORA beforehand".

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SAMWISE is a step-by-step guided procedure that allows to quickly assess the risk for third parties on the ground and in the air according to SORA. From the combined evaluation of both aspects, SAMWISE automatically calculates the risk level of the operation (SAIL, or Specific Assurance and Integrity Level, in SORA terms). The user is then provided with the list of mitigations that must be implemented to ensure that the operation can be carried out safely.

SAMWISE does not replace the need to prepare a formal risk assessment but allows to carry out a quick analysis of the requirements an operator needs to fulfil to ensure safe operation. All this, without having full knowledge of the SORA methodology.

"SAMWISE helps to take the first step in the development of a complete risk assessment. Thanks to high automation, by entering little information, it is possible to quickly understand the feasibility of a mission and the related constraints", concludes Matteo Carta, Safety and Compliance Engineer at EuroUSC Italia.


EuroUSC Italia Services on the Risk Assessment

EuroUSC Italia Services on the Risk Assessment

EuroUSC Italia offers consulting services to manufacturers, operators, insurance companies and authorities working in the aviation sector. We are leading experts in drone regulations and safety, but we also provide services in other fields such as ATM/ANS and airports. Thanks to the experience gained from participating in the JARUS working group that developed SORA, EuroUSC Italia can support SAMWISE users in all the steps following the use of the tool, up to the complete drafting of their risk assessment.