InDro Robotics

With bureaux in multiple Canadian cities, InDro Robotics is the Canadian leader in robotics research and development, along with complex UAV solutions, service provision and training.

InDro’s core R&D operations take place at Area X.O in Ottawa, Ontario. The private facility is home to cutting-edge companies working in the ground and aerial robotics space. Our engineers invent, enhance, and deploy advanced solutions – including developing and manufacturing specialised drones and robots – from this location.

Our robots and drones are all capable of being remotely tele-operated over 4G and 5G cellular networks. We have remotely piloted both drones and ground robots from more than 4,000 kilometres away with near-zero latency. Many of our products, such as Sentinel, have been purpose-built for remote inspections of facilities like electrical substations. InDro Commander, meanwhile, can turn any ROS-compatible robotic platform into a 5G-capable powerhouse.

In addition, InDro frequently develops new technologies directly for clients. We have built – and continue to build – products for some of the largest tech companies in the world. InDro is the core technology provider for the Drone Detection Pilot Project at the Ottawa International Airport (YOW), and recently received an FAA BVLOS waiver for conducting remote inspections of solar facilities in the United States.

InDro Robotics was the first UAV company in Canada to receive a Cargo license from the Canadian Transportation Agency. It has also been recognised by the Aerial Evolution Society for its outstanding contributions to the UAV space in Canada.