Pro S3 – Unmanned Technologies - WaveSight – Long range Mini UAV

WaveSight – Long range Mini UAV

Flexible, muiltiporpose, multipaylod, 2,5 hr endurance, fully autonomous.

The Detail


Full carbon frame for maximum reliability and durability.Aerospace grade wiring and connectors.Selected components and materials.Interchangeable parts for short downtime in case of damage.

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Three fully customizable cargo bays for custom multiple payload installation.Unlimited flight programming capabilities.Multiple payload simultaneous operation for multi mission capabilities.Catapult launch and belly landing for non prepared field operations.


  • Fully autonomous capabilities.
  • 2,5 hrs flight time with 500g payload
  • 30 mins flight time with 2.5 kg payload
  • 3500 mts service ceiling
  • 2.5 m/s climb speed
  • 70 km/h cruising speed

Multiple payload capabilities

  • WaveSight can carry top performance payload suitable for different application:
  • Colibri, day/night stabilized turret
  • MicroCAM D2, 24x zoom stabilized turret
  • Hawkeye, 56x zoom stabilized turret
  • Orion, day/night advanced stabilized turret
  • 24 MP still camera
  • Multispectral camera
  • Flir A65 radiometric thermal camera

Automatic flight capabilities

  • Fully automatic pre-programmed flight over 3D paths with adjustable height from 0 to 3500 ( 1m accuracy) – In flight mission re-task
  • 16 user configurable flight pattern to execute particular actions during flight that may be automatically triggered by the autopilot, or manually triggered by the operator
  • Full on board data log recording of 42 predefined data including: speed, altitude, attitude, GPS position, command being executed, and 16 user configurable data
  • Failure management that triggers specific recovery actions for each failure.

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