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mirragin emergency services and defense drone use

Editorial Feature

In Case of Emergency Call... a Drone?

Words By: Drone Major

Drone Major Group is excited to welcome Australian based drone consultancy Mirragin Unmanned Systems to our supplier cluster. Based in Australia but operating on a global scale, Mirragin specialises in strategic business consulting and drone integration within the defence and emergency services industries. Their goal is to penetrate these industries with as wide a reach as possible to utilise drone technologies to remove unnecessary risk from the people that are working daily to protect and save lives. Technology can be replaced, people cannot be.

Mirragin’s consulting process works in two core stages:

  1. Strategic Flight Path Workshop – Mirragin’s team will help you to identify opportunities to use drones within your business or organisation to help keep your people safe.
  2. The Four D Model – Once an application has been selected, Mirragin will then work with you to successfully implement that capability. They use their “Four D model”: Define (the problem), Design (the solution), Deploy (the solution) and Deliver (results, continuously).

The nature of the operations of defence or emergency services organisations are complex; therefore, the solutions offered to automate or revolutionise their processes cannot be “out of the box” options. Implementing a drone program can be challenging, as there are many factors to consider (and it is not just about the air vehicle). Mirragin’s process works to bring providers together to create unique solutions that, in accordance with their motto, remove unnecessary risk and keep people safe. Ranging from search and rescue missions to firefighting, Mirragin’s history of successful drone integration is impressive from both a technological and philanthropic point of view.

landscape photo of drone use in emergency services sectors

Some of their most successful case studies stem from the defence sector, including extensive work within the Australian Army, who are the largest and safest drone operator in Australia. Mirragin is also working with Emergency Services clients, including the development of an aerial firefighting capability for a private firefighting company, and is proud to be volunteering to support the Australian Air League in rolling out a drone training activity as part of their youth development program.

Mirragin is a central figure in the Australian drone ecosystem, publishing the quarterly “Australian Drone Ecosystem” map, and sponsoring a number of key industry events.

To learn more about Mirragin and how their services could positively impact your organisation, visit their Drone Major profile.

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