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Japan: The Land of rising business opportunities for overseas organisations

Words By: Drone Major

Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), long-time partner of Drone Major Group, is pleased to announce its new services dedicated to overseas companies interested in breaking into the Japanese market.

Since its establishment in 2014, JUIDA has been facilitating the healthy growth of the UAS commercial use in terms of regulations, education, research and business/international cooperation.

Established to meet the needs of both the public sector (Japanese government) and the private sector (industries), reaching more than 12,000 members and more than 200 accredited drone pilot schools, and now involved in the UAM research field as well, time has come to open our network and our expertise to overseas companies.

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1/ Business Matching Services

Finding and/or accessing valuable business information about Japan and about Japanese companies in particular has remained an issue for most overseas companies over the years, mainly due to the language barrier. 

Moreover, in order to succeed in doing business in or with Japan, understanding Japanese cultural codes is key.

Hence, due to an increasing number of international companies requesting introductions to Japanese companies, distributors, organizations, etc... JUIDA has created a dedicated service to such requests.

Three types of services are offered and range from: 

> search for specific Japanese companies, distributors or organizations based on the client's needs

> access to JUIDA's database and business matching

> direct matching

2/ JUIDA Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility

JUIDA launched its 1st volume last year, gathering the latest research results on UAS/UAM and related technologies.

It is dedicated to all researchers & engineers including academia, industry, research institutes and government agencies. 

The Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility aims at supporting technological innovations and at promoting exchange of information in one place.

It is an online journal provided by JUIDA and it is now opened to papers submitted in English. Papers can include equations, graphs, pictures, tables, etc. and are selected by a Japanese Committee. 

Examples of Papers included in the 1st volume:

-      Urban Air Mobility-Toward a New Utilization of Familiar Sky

-      Radio environment Estimation of a flight area for operating drones

-      Attitude control of drones by using CMG (Control Moment Gyro)

-      Halbach Array Field motors for drone motors

-      Development of a low-vibration new structure engine by using XY separate crank mechanism

3/ Japan Drone

JUIDA has been organizing Japan Drone - the largest UAS trade show in Tokyo every year for the past 4 years. This 3 day long event usually attracts around 20,000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors along with international conferences and workshops.

Endorsed and supported by the Japanese government, Japan Drone position itself as an essential platform in terms of international networking and market research.

4/ JUIDA Membership

JUIDA’s annual membership is now available to overseas companies.

The benefits as an overseas company are as follow:

> Discount for business matching services

> Discount for exhibiting at Japan Drone 

> As a JUIDA member, the overseas company's information is delivered to JUIDA’s 12,000 members via JUIDA newsletter, and it grants the overseas company the right to participate in certain selected committees.

> JUIDA provides information related to the Japanese market via a monthly newsletter in English

For any inquiry, contact JUIDA International Department

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