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Editorial Feature

Successful flight of Japan's largest transport drone (49kg PL)

Words By: Drone Major

Onozuka Seiki Co.Ltd has developed ESC, a high-efficiency motor for large-sized transport drones using electromagnetic steel sheets for high-speed rotary motors made by Nippon Steel.
They succeeded in flying a drone with 49kg PL.

The multi-pole high-speed rotary motor has a high motor drive frequency and is highly effective in reducing eddy current loss due to the thinning of the thickness of the electromagnetic steel plate used for the motor core.

The technology cultivated in EV (Eco-run solar car) is applied to this motor, it has higher efficiency & lower heat generation than conventional large drone motors. Thus, it can withstand operations under summer high temperatures.

By making the motor and ESC double redundant, consideration was given to the reliability required for large transport drones in the event of a failure.

By optimizing the control characteristics of the drive system for large-scale transport drones, it is no longer necessary to adjust the parameters of the control system, previously needed when empty and loaded.

Onozuka Seiki offers custom motors and support integration of drive trains and airframe control.

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