Accipiter - Accipiter®BVLOS Surveillance System (BSS)

AN ACCIPITER® is an essential part of any BVLOS unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Whether you are carrying out inspection or delivery missions by flying a single drone over a short distance, or whether you are operating a fleet of drones over a wide area spanning thousands of square miles, a county or a state, there is an Accipiter® BVLOS Surveillance System (BSS) that is right sized for you. 

The Detail

The Accipiter® BSS is specially designed to affordably provide automatic detection, tracking and sophisticated alerting of intruder aircraft that enter the operational airspace of your drone so that the remote pilot in command (RPIC) can take avoidance actions as appropriate to mitigate risk. The patented Accipiter® BSS incorporates an ADS-B sub-system to detect and track cooperative aircraft in the surveillance volume, and a radar sub-system to detect and track small, non-cooperative GA aircraft such as crop dusters, turbo prop aircraft and helicopters which typically fly at lower altitudes where deconfliction of the airspace is required. The M3 ® Target Information System (TIS) which forms the heart of every Accipiter® BSS provides critical sensor integration, target data integration and fusion, post-processing, management, and distribution functions, and drives and eco-system of Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) tools that provide key decision support to the RPIC, historical traffic analytics including incident investigation, BSS health monitoring, and integration with third party UAS and mission command and control (C2) systems.