Tool overview: what will Evidence Document Builder (EDB) solve for me?

  • Complying with the continuously evolving requirements associated with a regulatory framework such as the UK MOD Military Aviation Authority’s Release To Service (RTS), is a complex undertaking. While you may be compliant today, the challenge is to maintain compliance to keep in line with equipment and platform configuration updates.
  • Regular amendments to documents and the body of evidence forming the basis of your compliance argument are difficult to track and they can directly impact equipment and platform availability and safety.
  • When configured to meet your required regulatory framework, EDB provides an audit trail of decisions and updates to your body of evidence going right back to the original requirement for the change. Furthermore, you can be confident that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information is maintained.

The Detail

Key Benefits

* Simplifies management of your regulatory document set and the associated body of evidence of compliance

  • Straightforward uploading and quick access to all document file types supporting the body of evidence
  • Quick and easy search and retrieval of evidence
  • Dynamic visibility and mitigation of equipment and platform risks
  • Helps you to remain compliant with the relevant regulations
  • Provides an overview of your level of compliance while highlighting areas that need attention using a traffic light warning system