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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

- GPS/GLONASS - CTL3510 Jammer Detector

Concerned about your drone being jammed?

Concerned about your drone being jammed?

Chronos’s CTL3510 Interference Detector & CTL3520 GNSS Interference Detector and Locator are handheld devices designed to detect and quickly locate the presence of jamming signals from commercially available GPS jammers.

The Detail

The Chronos CTL3510 GPS Jammer Detector is a low cost, handheld, battery operated device designed to detect the presence of GPS jamming or too much power or interference in the GPS (L1) band.

  • Ideal for detecting commercially available GPS jammers hidden in vehicles
  • Time stamped event logging option enables covert deployment in vehicles where the driver is suspected of using GPS Jammers.
Key Features


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  • Simple to use
  • Detecting GPS jamming at 1575.42 MHz (GPS - L1)
  • Event logging
  • High sensitivity
  • Visual LED display of jammer strength
  • Vibrate alert
  • Hand held  -  small size, light weight
  • Rechargeable battery via mini USB
  • Low battery indicator
  • Optional universal mount with twist body suction cup base for strong hold on glass and non-porous plastic surfaces