Chronos Technology_GNSS-GPS-GLONASS-Galileo-Beidou-Drone Major
Chronos Technology_GNSS-GPS-GLONASS-Galileo-Beidou-Drone Major

Chronos Technology

Chronos is a world leader in GNSS GPS vulnerability detection and geolocation technology. The GNSS GPS signal is susceptible to outages due to intentional and unintentional jamming.  With intentional jamming on the increase, it recognised as a clear and present threat. Chronos offers GNSS GPS jamming detection and locations solutions.

GNSS GPS receivers are an essential part of the navigation system determining attitude, precise location and altitude and feeding this information back to the user or to internal systems allowing for hover stabilisation, geo-referencing and more. Working with industry leading suppliers, Chronos supplies GNSS components and solutions which have been designed especially for use inside unmanned systems. Drones offer timely and cost-effective ways of data collection, but accurate results are paramount.  Choosing the right module that is optimal for drone use is key to successful products. Drone users do not have to become experts in all things GPS to benefit from drone-centred rover receivers, base stations, and software.

Chronos is also a leading international authority in resilient synchronisation and timing systems, smart technologies, GNSS and cyber security solutions for critical national infrastructure with unrivalled industry experience gathered over 35 years in GNSS, PTP, NTP and SyncE. Working closely with our customers and their evolving requirements, our team of technical experts provide complete solutions from network design, solution specification, installation & commissioning, monitoring, and auditing, and 24/365 support, delivering best performance for timing & navigation applications. We are trusted as experts by our customers across the telecom, finance, energy, data centre, broadcast, aerospace, defence & security, enterprise/IT, emergency services, transport, and manufacturing sectors.

Additionally, we specialise in equipment for industrial Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions, including ground-breaking GPS coverage underground solutions and GPS repeating solutions for military and civilian applications.

Chronos is also proud to be an employee-owned company.