ParaZero - SafeAir M-600

Parazero's SafeAirTM is the only proven UAV recovery system reliable and effective in any emergency situation. Combining the autonomous SmartAirTM capabilities to identify loss of control and decide on recovery, with the patented active parachute deployment, prevents crash at any situation. The patented activation enables unmatched effectiveness at low altitude.

The Detail

Parazero's SmartAirTM includes a Flight Termination System (FTS) shutting down the rotor power, thus preventing the possibility of entanglement with the rotors, preventing the risk of rotors hurting people, meeting regulation in France and future expected global and FAA regulation. Its proven reliability enables safe, regulated commercial flight over people and BVLOS, (as the example of Airobotics) providing a solution superior to other recovery systems on the market. Its reliability has been tested over tens of thousands of hours, and provides the reliability enterprise and professional drone users, as future FAA regulation are looking for, to enable safe flight in populated and urban areas. 

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Our highly experienced R&D and engineering team have provided customized solutions to a variety of drone OEM's and drone platforms. We are enthusiastic to design and customize a system to meet any customer challenge and need, whether you require full integration or minimal and independent capabilities. We have provided both and a variety of solutions. Our drone OEM customer base, track record and variety of products is the indication for that. We pride on designing smart, reliable and effective solutions for lightweight multi-rotors, for a variety of commercial applications, and up to heavy and manned airborne vehicles, all with our accumulated experience, and core technologies.

A smart emergency computer for autonomous recovery triggering monitors the drone’s systems & flight pattern to deploy safety measures as necessary, including cases of loss of control, free fall, power outage, and other critical malfunctions.  Provides new opportunities for drones including autonomous operation, BVLOS, and over populated areas.