WasteShark® is a drone (an unmanned autonomous vehicle) designed for urban, inland and near-coastal waters. The WasteShark is designed to act as buoyant and mobile waste clearing and environmental data collection. Depending on configuration, Plastics and micro-plastic (to 3mm), general trash, oils and chemical pollutants, invasive surface plants and species (e.g. jellyfish).

The Detail

Inspired by nature and blending technology, form and function, the WasteShark is designed to swim through water and eat its prey with minimum effort and maxi-mum efficiency. The WasteShark has been designed to perform in some of the harshest environments on earth, from the below freezing temperatures of the sub-Arctic to the consistent heat of the Equator.

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While nets can perform certain tasks, detritus that is not within reach cannot be collected and is lost. While larger vessels can be used, these are often too big to operate in smaller, less accessible trash-choke-holds, These vessels are also significantly more expensive, in both capital outlay and operational running cost, than our drones

The WasteShark is able to operate in two modes depending on the task at hand. Under manual operation, the WasteShark can be guid-ed via handheld controls at the determination of the operator. On an Autopilot setting the route and area of coverage can be set out via a handheld touchscreen using GPS and Waypoints; once the operator is happy with the route and area set, they can deploy the Drone on its course and leave it to do its job. At anytime this can be manually overridden or operations intervened. Autopilot allows operators to set up a number of areas of waste collection with many drones at any one time, with complete peace of mind.

WASTESHARK MANUAL: Manual operation, basic data capability with unlimited data.

WASTESHARK MANUAL WITH DATA CAPABILITY: Manual operation plus data inbuilt data sensors (Temp, pH, conductivity, DO, ORP, depth) with online live-data portal with unlimited data.

WASTESHARK AUTONOMY: Autonomous (waypoint mission planning) and manual capability with online live-data portal with unlimited data.

WASTESHARK AUTONOMY WITH COLLISION AVOIDANCE: Autonomous with collision avoidance (LIDAR) and manual capability with online live-data portal with unlimited data.

A PRO+: Autonomous with collision avoidance (LIDAR) and manual capability. Inbuilt data sensors (Temp, pH,conductivity, DO, ORP, depth) with online live-data portal with unlimited data.

DATA: Autonomous or manual capability with inbuilt data suite (temp, pH, conductivity, DO, ORP, depth, turbidity). No waste collecting capability. Additional sensors and costing available on request - as shown but not limited : Nitrate, ammonium, chloride, sodium, TDG, calcium, bromide, chlorophyll a, BGA,Rhodamine, Crude Oi, l Refined Oil, CDOM/FDOM, flourescein and optical brighteners tryptophan.pollution.

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