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Veteran Army Officer Completes 12 Extreme endurance challenges in 2022 in support of British Army Veterans, raising £35,000 for charity

A former Major in the Royal Artillery has just completed her 12th, and final, extreme adventure challenge for the Veterans’ Foundation, all in support of British Veterans in need.

Jen Price, 32, from Hampshire, embarked on a series of extreme physical challenges in 2022 (completing 12 in 12 months), many of which have taken her all over the world and demanded a huge amount of effort, both physically and mentally. This year-long quest has been all about raising awareness of Armed Forces veterans and their battle with mental health issues.

In December, Price attempted her final challenge, Mount Aconcagua. At 6962 meters this is the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas and the highest in South America. It is a huge challenge; it takes over two weeks to climb and temperatures at the top can get as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. Price put in a Stirling effort and made it to 6000 meters before becoming very sick with altitude on Christmas Eve (her blood oxygen saturation levels dropped to 28% - requiring medical treatment) and so she was unable to attempt the final push to the summit. However, the baton was passed onto a fellow climber (an East Midlands University Officer Training Corps Cadet) and the Veterans’ Foundation flag made it to the very top.

Despite this Maj Price is very pleased with the attempt and said she “won’t be underestimating any mountains in the near future!”

Price said “this is a huge mountain, it is one of the seven summits, and most climbs only have a 30% success rate, so even to make it to 6000m is a success to me. It was definitely a worthy final challenge for my year of fundraising”

This year Jen has smashed through a huge list of challenges having completed an Ironman, the Paris marathon, a self-supported 1000 mile cycle from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, climbed Kilimanjaro, completed a 5 day 250km multistage desert ultra-marathon, and completed the notorious Devizes to Westminster canoe marathon. It all sounds exhausting but incredibly impressive.

So far, she has raised over £34,000 for the Veterans’ Foundation, with particular support from Rouute technologies, a veteran founded and run green energy company that have pledged £20,000.

“I am immensely grateful for the support and donations that I have received so far this year, it makes it all feel worth it,” said Jen. “Obviously I would like to raise a bit more and so I will be flying the Veterans’ Foundation flag for a little longer”. “Any further donations would be incredible!”.

“This has been one of the most demanding years of my life, so knowing that it has been a success means I feel like I can finally put my feet up!” exclaimed Jen.

Despite the amount of physical and mental effort Jen has put into this year she is truly passionate about the cause she is fundraising for. After seeing colleagues and friends struggle with their mental health, especially after leaving the Armed Forces, Jen was determined to help those who fight an invisible war.

"It is rare to go through life without experiencing personal trauma of some sort, whether that has been on the battlefield or in your personal life,” Jen explained. “I also believe that challenging yourself and going on adventures can a have a hugely positive impact on your life and is one of the best ways to get better. So, if my efforts inspire others to get out there then even better!”

Jen has been writing blogs and making short update films throughout 2022, shared by both the Veterans’ Foundation and by Jen herself on her own website and social media channels.

The Veterans’ Foundation has been fully supporting Jen’s efforts throughout 2022 and has been thrilled to see her success so far.

“We are so proud of Jen and the effort she has put in throughout last year and we hope you’ll join us to support her mission of raising funds for British veterans in need." Said the Foundation.

Every penny raised will go to helping British Armed Forces personnel in need.

If you want to get inspired, you can see all 12 of Jen’s challenges on the ‘Jennevolve’ website:

To donate and support her mission to help British veterans in need, see Jen’s JustGiving page here:


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