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For assistance and advice call +44 (0) 20 7458 4088, anytime 24/7

Agriculture Products

Digital Drone Services - Agricultural Services


Making life easier by performing agricultural surveys to increase yield or quality on crops, or for a number of other applications. Contact us for a more bespoke solution.

Clear Flight Solutions - Clear Flight Solutions - Robird


Clear Flight Solutions’ Robird® is a truly unique remotely controlled robotic bird of prey, with the realistic appearance and weight of its living counterpart. Robird® flies by using flapping wing flight as a means of propulsion, with a flight performance comparable and indistinguishable to real birds. Through the combination of its realistic silhouette and its carefully mimicked flight behaviour other birds think Robird® is an actual predator, birds do not see the difference between Robird® and real birds of prey! Because of this, Robird® is the perfect tool for airport bird control and many other bird-related problems! Originating from the desire to mimic nature, Robird® was developed through a...

Clear Flight Solutions - Clear Flight Solutions - Drone


From unmanned balloons in Venice in the 1800’s to high tech aircraft looking for fawns in modern times; the history and development of drones and their applications are fascinating. At Clear Flight Solutions we have a small fleet of customizable multicopter drones, which we use for inspections and ecological assessments. Because each project is unique, we will pick the drone that fits your needs best and customize it if necessary. For an industrial inspection we will focus on fitting a drone with the best camera’s (HD, infrared or multispectral) to obtain the best results. But if we are doing an ecological assessment and are looking for nest areas of wader birds, we will focus on using quiet drones so the birds will not be disturbed. With the help of o...

GeoAccess - Plant Health & Invasive Species Mapping


Aerial mapping can quickly and efficiently provide a means to assess the health and condition of a wide range of vegetation types and identify invasive species. The maps are a powerful tool for agronomists, farmers, growers and vegetation management teams to locate areas of concern quickly and allow ground-truthing to determine the problems and remedy the situation in much quicker time and make significant cost-savings. Visible-spectrum images captured by the drone can be used to produce plant health maps using the Visible Atmospheric Resistant Index (VARI). Used in conjunction with a high-resolution ortho-mosaic this enables a snapshot of the health and condition of a wide range of vegetation types to be obtained in relatively short time. Plant health maps can be exported as several file formats, including shapefile (.shp) for use in agricultural software; GeoTIFF for GIS and JPEG for general viewing, for...

Terabee - Intelligence for Drone Applications


Terabee welcomes collaboration from partners looking for innovation in sensing and intelligence for drone applications! Our technical expertise includes drone-optimized “indoor GPS” for GPS-denied environments, sensor fusion, algorithms, control system development, custom sensor design, sensor industrialization and integration into customer platforms. TeraRanger sensors were born from a collaboration with CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland to fly drones in the 27km long tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider for fully autonomous inspection! Our background in that project along with our products and deep technical knowledge makes us ideally placed to assist with complex drone applications, with a particular focus on absolute and relative positioning, SLAM, navigation and robust anti-collision. "Terabee prov...

ClearSky Consulting Services - Consulting Services


ClearSky Consulting provides market leading solutions to the global unmanned aviation industry. Geared to both the commercial and military sectors, ClearSky comprises a network of industry recognised professionals who have experience in all aspects of unmanned aviation. Services: Operations • Operations Management (Outsourcing, Advisory Service) • Procedural Development (Energy, Infrastructure, Renewables, Utilities, Security and Construction) • UAS Platform Evaluation Training Development & Delivery • Remote Pilot Training • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) • Train the Trainer (T3) • Human Factors • Classroom Instructional Techniques (CIT) Air Safety / Safety Management Systems (...