Terabee - Intelligence for Drone Applications

Terabee welcomes collaboration from partners looking for innovation in sensing and intelligence for drone applications! Our technical expertise includes drone-optimized “indoor GPS” for GPS-denied environments, sensor fusion, algorithms, control system development, custom sensor design, sensor industrialization and integration into customer platforms.

The Detail

TeraRanger sensors were born from a collaboration with CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland to fly drones in the 27km long tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider for fully autonomous inspection! Our background in that project along with our products and deep technical knowledge makes us ideally placed to assist with complex drone applications, with a particular focus on absolute and relative positioning, SLAM, navigation and robust anti-collision.

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"Terabee proved to be a reliable and trusted partner in our technological development project in the context of UAV indoor positioning. We definitely received great experiences and value from our engagement with them." Dr. Benjamin Löhr, Head of Lufthansa Aerial Services.