AeroTerrascan - Ai450-ER

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAVs) Ai450 series is a flagship model by AeroTerrascan which is a popular solution among palm oil plantations in Indonesia to meet the needs of survey applications and air mapping. Variant Ai450-ER is the latest evolution of the Ai450 series which has better flying performance than previous variants.

The Detail

AeroTerrascan's unmanned pilots autopilot (UAV) system ensures precise coordinates of flying and produces accurate survey data in carrying out the mapping missions.

Ai450 series is designed with modern design methods and flying efficiency so as to optimize performance to complete survey and mapping missions.

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The knockdown system features easy operation in the field that is useful for completing high mobility missions.

The combination of flight efficiency, ease of use, upgradability, and other features make Ai450 series operational cost very economical.

Features: Autonomous Operation

Range: 25km

Endurance: 1 hour 10 mins

Payload: Not specified