Caelus Drones

Caelus Drone Services was established to deliver high-quality aerial services using the latest drone technology. Many industries are now using drones to carry out tasks such as aerial inspections of wind turbines or pylons because not only is it safer but because the services we offer save time and deliver higher quality outputs than conventional methods. In many cases, drones have opened up possibilities which were previously impossible or commercially unviable.

All our pilots have PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) during the day and night and are fully insured up to £20m. We only use the highest quality of equipment, use stringent CAA approved safety methods and pride ourselves on our professionalism and high levels of customer service.

In addition, we are also able to supply systems for various applications such as the ALTI Transition VTOL fixed-wing drone, capable of 12 hours flight without refuelling!

We are available for work in most countries on and offshore and can offer 24hr services by negotiation. If you have an idea for a drone application but not sure if it is viable, would like a quote or to know more about any products please get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat!